Navigating between Falcon and Brandwatch Using the Sidebar

In June, 2021, it was announced that Brandwatch and Falcon would be joining forces, working together to provide the social suite of the future. As we take the first steps towards bringing the Brandwatch and Falcon products closer together, you can now choose to easily navigate from one platform to the other with the click of a button.

Below, find out how to get set up, how to get started, and what steps you’ll need to take.

What Has Changed?

Previously, if you had an account with both Brandwatch and Falcon, it was expected that you would navigate to each platform separately, and log in to each platform using your applicable login methods.

As of May, 2022, provided you meet the necessary criteria highlighted below, you will be able to log into one product (either Falcon or Brandwatch) and seamlessly navigate to the other using the product switcher available on the sidebar. While switching to another product, you will not be asked to log in again, and you can easily choose to switch back.

This will allow you to save time navigating and logging into each platform separately. You can check out some key highlights of the new feature below:

  • The new product switcher will be available from the sidebar in both Falcon and Brandwatch.
  • You can choose whether to log into Falcon or Brandwatch first.
  • While switching from one platform to another, you will not be asked to log in again.
  • Your passwords/login credentials for each platform will stay the same.

Getting Access to the New Product Switcher

In order to be able to access the new product switcher from the sidebar, you must first meet the following criteria:

  • You must have an account on both Falcon and Brandwatch.
  • Your Falcon and Brandwatch account must be associated with the same email address.


If you have different passwords/login methods for each platform, it will not impact your ability to see and access the product switcher. However, your associated email address for each must be the same.

If you meet the criteria above, you should already have access to the product switcher from your sidebar as described in the steps below. If you do not yet have access to the product switcher on your sidebar, please reach out to your Falcon Customer Success Manager. For help locating your Customer Success Manager’s contact information, please contact the Support Team.

My email addresses don’t match. Can I update one of them?

In short, no. It’s not possible for you or any other user in Falcon or Brandwatch to edit your email address for either platform

However, in either Falcon and Brandwatch, any user with a user role of Admin can delete your user and create a brand new user for you with the correct, matching email address. If you’d like to share guides on how to delete and add users with an Admin user, please see the links below:

Once your email addresses match in both platforms, you should be able to see and access the product switcher from the sidebar as described in the steps below. If still no luck, please reach out to your Falcon Customer Success Manager.

Switching Between Falcon and Brandwatch

To get started, please follow the steps below:

  1. In either product (Falcon or Brandwatch), get started by entering your email address and logging in with your applicable login method. Please see the attached guide for help logging into Falcon.
  2. From the sidebar on the left, click the More products dropdown..
  3. Click Switch to Consumer Intelligence (from Falcon).mceclip0.png Or Switch to Social Media Management (from Brandwatch).mceclip1.png

Next, you will be directed to the second product in your current tab, at which point you will be automatically logged in.


Will my passwords change or become unified?
The introduction of the product switcher will not affect your password or login credentials for either platform. You can choose to either log into Falcon first (using your existing Falcon credentials), or Brandwatch first (using your existing Brandwatch credentials). Regardless of which you log in with first, you will not be required to enter any further login credentials when navigating to the second product.
What if I use different login methods for Falcon and Brandwatch?
This will have no impact on your ability to use the product switcher. Along with the criteria mentioned above, it is only required that you are able to successfully log into any one of the platforms (Falcon or Brandwatch). Regardless of your login method for the second product, you will still be able to switch products.
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