Product Updates | November 2021

Find out which exciting new releases made it to the Falcon platform in November, 2021.


LinkedIn character limit increased to 3000

Exciting news for LinkedIn content creators. You can now type up to 3000 characters in LinkedIn posts. This is a big increase from the 1300 characters limit from before. Communicating your message via text posts has never been easier.

Improved Instagram Grid preview

Creating Instagram posts in Falcon has become even more precise and focused on the big picture. While previewing your Instagram post in grid view, all posts, scheduled for the future, will now be displayed with a dashed line and clock icon to show their scheduled status. This way, you can easily see how the post you are currently creating fits the already-scheduled posts.


New features in the Content Pool

The Content Pool lets you have all your company media in the same place, and with the newly introduced sorting options, you can find the desired picture or video with a few clicks. This can be found in the top right corner of the Content Pool and you can sort by creation date and by number of times the stock items have been copied.

Arranging stocks by creation date will let you find the right media in a second. Sorting by number of copies helps you decide which stock item will attract the most attention.


Additionally, bulk actions in the Content Pool got introduced. You can save time now by deleting or quickly editing your labels in bulk. To activate the bulk actions option, hover your mouse over a Content Pool stock until you see a small square in front of its name and click on it. This will mark the item you selected, now you can click on other stock items and this will mark them, too. Then you can either delete them all or manage their labels.


Creating Instagram posts starting from the Content Pool has never been more exciting. If you have uploaded a link as a stock item, you can now use it to create Instagram posts. When you create an Instagram post from a link item, this will generate a photo post and the link thumbnail will be the image for the new post.



In Engage, you will now notice a connection icon in the top right corner. This shows you if your conversations are arriving in real-time. If you are in a lower connectivity environment, where your connection to our servers is slower, it will become red to indicate that your Engage Feeds might not be updating with new content. Green means all is good, so go green.


Reply to posts and comments via direct message

Now you can reply a comment via direct message. Engage has built the option to send a direct message in response to a public conversation (a fan post, mention, or comment). This feature is available for Facebook and Instagram only. To reply to a comment via direct message, locate the comment in your Feed in Engage and click on the chat bubble icon under it, that says “Message”. This will start a new private conversation with the author of this comment. You can read all the details in the dedicated Help Center article here.


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When adding hashtags to a guided search, you can now select from the list of hashtags you are already tracking on Instagram.


If you add a hashtag that is not currently being tracked on Instagram, you will be notified and can add the hashtag to your Instagram tracking from within the guided search.

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