Product Updates | October 2021

Publish / Advertise

Instagram Ads in Publish

Along with Facebook, you can now promote existing Instagram posts in Publish. Promoting posts directly in Publish allows you to apply promotion on the fly without having to re-create the post in Advertise.

In Publish, click to open any published Instagram single-image or single-video post. While viewing the post, you will have the following options to apply promotion:

  • In the Promote module, browse and select existing Ad Sets (which include Instagram placement)
  • In the Promote module, create a brand new Campaign or Ad Set
  • In the Labels module, assign an existing Ad Set by applying a Smart Label

For more information on the types of content you can promote, which users can apply promotion, and full guides to applying promotion in Publish, please visit the Help Center guide here.

Please bear in mind that it’s not possible to apply promotion while creating a new Instagram post. The post must already have been published either natively or via Falcon. You can find all published posts in Publish by clicking Published from the Content menu on the left.


Reels Placement

In Advertise, you can now choose to promote your short-form, mobile-friendly videos specifically to Instagram Reels viewers by selecting Reels as a placement for your Ad Sets.

While creating or editing any existing Ad Sets, you can choose to include placement for Instagram Reels by clicking Placements > Stories and Reels > Instagram Reels:


For more information on creating and editing Ad Sets in Advertise, please visit the Help Center guide here.

With the addition of Reels as a placement option in Advertise, Falcon remains completely up to date with all placement options offered on Facebook and Instagram’s APIs.


Due to API restrictions, it’s not yet possible to publish new, organic Instagram Reels in Publish. However, as a workaround, you can create and publish Reels using the Falcon Hub Mobile App. Find out more about the full process here.


Automated Message Previews

Last month, you may have heard about the exciting new release of Welcome Messages in Engage. Since then, the team has also introduced the ability to preview your welcome and away messages.

By viewing a preview of your messages as they would appear on mobile format, you can get a better sense of the customer experience and optimize your message to include just the right amount of information. Your previews will appear on the right-hand side of the page as you create or edit your message.


To get started with automation in Engage, click the Automation tab from the top left. You can find out more information about getting set up from the Help Center guide here.


Network Filter

In Measure Dashboards, you can now save time while segmenting your data using the network filter at the top, left-hand side of the page.

Using the network filter, you can limit which Channels are included in your current display of data. Rather than having to select/deselect each Channel individually, the network icons allow you to to select/deselect every Channel from that network.


Duplicate Widgets

Tired of having to remember which metrics were included in a Dashboard widget? You can now easily duplicate an existing widget in a Dashboard, allowing you to replicate the exact same data, making further changes to the metrics and display needed.

To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. While viewing a Dashboard, get into Edit Mode (three dots from the top right > Edit).
  2. Find the widget you would like to duplicate.
  3. Click the three dots from the top right of the widget.
  4. Click Duplicate widget.


Need to duplicate an entire Dashboard? Follow the Help Center guide here.



In the Engage Mobile App, you can now view and edit the labels on your conversations and comments.

To label a conversation, tap and hold the conversation then tap Add labels. Alternatively, you can tap to open the conversation and click the context menu (three dots) from the top right followed by Add labels.


To label a comment or comment reply, tap to open any conversation. Below the comment, tap More followed by Add labels.

Reach the Support Team

More good news for the Engage Mobile App: Instead of emailing or logging into the Falcon desktop app to contact the Falcon Support Team, you can now easily reach the team via chat directly in the Engage Mobile App.

To reach the Support Team from the app, follow the steps below:

  1. From the top left, tap the context menu (three lines)
  2. Tap the cog icon (Settings)
  3. Tap Support

A new window will open, allowing you to view previous chat conversations or start a new chat with the Support Team. Please bear in mind that all of your chats which took place on the Falcon desktop app will be accessible via the Engage App and vice versa.

For more information on contacting the Support Team, please visit the Help Center guide here.

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