Team API Introduction

The Team API allows your third-party software to access direct information relating to the existing Teams in your Falcon organization. Using the Team API, you can gather your list of existing teams along with information relating to each individual team, such as the users, Channels, connection status, disconnection reasons, and more.

In this article, find out more about the information available in the Team API and how you could potentially use the data.


This article offers an introduction to the Falcon Team API. For more information, please visit Falcon’s API Technical Documentation here. Don’t yet have access to Falcon APIs? Find out how to get access here.

What Information is Available?

There are four endpoints available in the Team API:

  • Get Teams
  • Get Team Name
  • Get Team Users
  • Get Team Channels
Get Teams

Using the get teams endpoint, you can obtain a complete list of teams associated with your Falcon organization, including the IDs and names for each team.

The Get Teams endpoint will provide you with the complete list of your existing Falcon Teams, including the names and Team IDs.

Get Team Name
By providing a Team ID, you can use the get team name endpoint to obtain the team name and associated organization for a specific team.
Get Team Users

By providing a Team ID, you can use the get team users endpoint to retrieve information about all associated users in the team.

Your results will contain information such as the user ID, name, creation date, admin status, login count, and more. You can choose to include deleted users in your results and also limit your results to a certain number.

Get Team Channels

By providing a Team ID, you can use the get team channels endpoint to retrieve the complete list of Channels currently associated with the team.

Your results will contain information such as the Channel ID, network, name, connection status, access token, and more.

How Can I Locate the Team ID?

To use the Get Team Name, Get Team Users and Get Team Channels endpoints, you will first need the Team ID. There are two ways to locate the ID:

Via the Team API

Using the Get Teams endpoint, you will receive information relating to all Teams in your Falcon organization, including the Team IDs for each.

Via the Falcon platform

In Falcon, any user with a user role or either Admin or Team Leader can find the Team ID. In Settings, click Teams followed by the name of the applicable team. The Team ID will be included in the URL of your page as shown below.


How Can I Use the Team API?

Using the Team API, you can choose to create a customized report, Dashboard, presentation, or big screen display to showcase your organization's existing team structure, including the team names, users, Channels, and current Channel connection status.

In addition, using the Get Team Users endpoint, you can gain insight into the platform usage of each user in a team by comparing the creation date and login count.

Where Can I Find the Technical Documentation?

For general information and descriptions of the available APIs, check out the Help Center guides here. To view the Falcon API Technical Documentation, please visit:

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