Listen API Introduction

The Listen API allows your third-party software tool to access information relating to all existing Projects, Topics, and Topic metrics in Classic Listen.

Please be aware that this API pertains to the legacy version of Listen, Classic Listen. Currently, Falcon does not yet have an available API for the new version of Listen, Listen | Powered by Brandwatch.


This article offers an introduction to the Falcon Listen API. For more information, please visit Falcon’s API Technical Documentation here. Don’t yet have access to Falcon APIs? Find out how to get access here.

What Features Are Available?

There are three endpoints available in the Listen API:

  • Get Projects
  • Get Project Topics
  • Get Topic Metrics
Get Projects

The Get Projects endpoint will return a list of all existing Listen Projects in your Falcon organization. The results will contain the name of each Project along with the Project ID.

Get Project Topics

The Get Project Topics endpoint will return information relating to all Listen Projects in your Falcon organization, along with the Topics. The results will contain:

  • Information about each Project, including the name, creation date, access level, applicable teams, and Project ID.

  • Information about the Topic within each Project, including the name, creation date, last edit date, included networks, full query, and the Topic ID.

Get Topic Metrics

Using the Get Topic Metrics endpoint, you can discover key performance metrics relating to one or more Listen Topics in your organization. For example, you can discover the amount of Mentions a Topic has received over time, which keywords and phrases are most common among your Mentions content, or which countries your Mentions are coming from.

The results will contain information about your Topics along with the data for your specified metrics. You can choose to narrow down your results by specifying the Topic ID, metrics, and start and end dates.

How Can I Find My Topic ID?

To use the Get Topic Metrics endpoint, you will first need to locate your Topic ID.

Via the Listen API

To find your Topic ID, you can use the Get Project Topics endpoint above. The results will include information relating to all associated Topics including the Topic IDs.

Via the Falcon platform

In Listen, click to edit any Project by clicking the context menu (three dots) followed by Edit. Next, click the pencil icon on the applicable Topic to edit it. The Topic ID will be included in the URL as shown below.


How Can I Use the Listen API?

Using the Listen API, you can utilize the data with an external tool to determine how social noise coincides with the performance of other aspects of your business, such as engagement or sales of a product.

For example, if you are selling or promoting a product, you may consider using the Listen API to gather the volume of mentions for your Project which is tracking the social noise around the product. You may then decide to correlate this data will the sale of a product in an external tool such as Google Analytics. The results could help to determine the impact of social noise on the sale of your product.

Where Can I Find the Technical Documentation?

For general information and descriptions of the available APIs, check out the Help Center guides here. To view the Falcon API Technical Documentation, please visit:

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