Labels API Introduction

The Labels API allows your third-party software tool to create, delete, and access information relating to labels in your Falcon organization.


This article offers an introduction to the Falcon Labels API. For more information, please visit Falcon’s API Technical Documentation here. Don’t yet have access to Falcon APIs? Find out how to get access here.

What Features Are Available?

Note: The information below provides a description of each available endpoint in the Labels API. Please refer to the Falcon API Technical Documentation for more information on each available API, parameters, resource IDs, terms of use, and more.

There are four endpoints available in the Labels API:

  • Create a Label
  • Get a Label
  • Search Labels
  • Delete a Label
Create a Label

Using the Create a label endpoint, you can add one new label at a time to your Falcon organization by simply providing a label name. All new labels can be applied to content and conversations via Publish and Engage by any member of your organization. In addition, all new labels can be managed by Team Leaders and Admins in Settings > Labels management.

Get a Label

Using an existing Label ID, retrieve information about existing labels, such as the label name, creation date, date it was last applied, and number of times it has been applied.

Search Labels

Search for labels by name to retrieve the name, Label ID, creation date, date it was last applied, and number of times it has been applied. You can limit the number of search results per page and specify an order for your results (for example, to appear in alphabetical order or by creation date).

Delete a Label

Using an existing Label ID, you can delete any existing label. Deleting a label will remove it from your Falcon organization. Users will no longer be able to apply the label to content or conversations, and Team Leaders and Admins will no longer be able to view the label in Settings > Label management.


To find a Label ID for use with the Get a Label or Delete a Label endpoint, first use the Search Labels endpoint.

How Can I Use the Labels API?

With the labels API, you may decide to build a custom integration with your contact management software (CMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to create labels in Falcon based on existing keywords or tags.

You could also choose to use the API to search for existing labels in your Falcon organization to add to Falcon content or external publications.

Where Can I Find the Technical Documentation?

For general information and descriptions of the available APIs, check out the Help Center guides here. To view the Falcon API Technical Documentation, please visit:

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