Product Updates | September 2021

Find out which exciting new releases made it to the Falcon platform in September, 2021.


View and Edit Campaign Stocks

In any Publish Campaign, you can now make more informed decisions about how to use your included stock items. Under the Stocks tab of your campaign, all stock items will now be displayed alongside the number of times the item has been copied and any applicable labels.


In addition, you can now easily edit each stock item by clicking it directly while viewing the campaign in Publish. In the editor, you can update the title, media, text, labels, valid dates and more.


Publish to multiple IG channels

While creating Instagram content in Falcon, you now have the option to select multiple Instagram Channels. Selecting multiple Channels allows you to create one post intended for more than one Channel, saving you time from manually copying the content. To get started, click Create Post followed by Instagram. Next, use the check box on the left of each Channel to select multiple.


At any point while creating the post, you can also add or remove Channels using the Channels module on the left-hand side.



Due to Instagram API restrictions, it’s not possible to publish carousel (multi-image) posts or Stories to multiple Channels at once. For carousel posts and Stories, each post must be published via the Falcon Hub App. Find out more from the Help Center guide here.

Auto-generated alt text

Save time while creating image posts in Falcon using the new alt text generator.

Instead of manually adding descriptive text (alt text) to help describe your images to screen-reading tools for visually impaired users, you can now use the alt text generator tool to analyze the image and auto-populate a (scarily accurate) description.

To get started, upload any image while creating a new post in Falcon then click Add Alt Text > Generate Alt Text. As always, you can still decide to edit or manually add your own alt text. Find out more about alt text from the Help Center guide here.



Due to Instagram API restrictions, it's not possible to generate or manually add alt text to Instagram images in advance. However, alt text will be added to all images published to Instagram automatically.


Team Performance Reports and Engage Labels Reports

You can now easily view and report on your Falcon organization’s performance in Engage through the new Reports tab.

In Reports, you can find your existing Team Performance and Engage Labels reports (previously located in Measure). To create new reports, any user with a user role of Team Leader or Admin can also click Create Report from the top right.

Instagram mentions and tags

Tap into external Instagram conversations involving your brand by checking out instances where your Channel has been mentioned in post captions, mentioned in comments, or tagged in images or videos.

In Engage, you can now view and interact with Instagram mentions and tags. You can also customize your Engage feeds to view Instagram mentions and tags only. To get started, please see the guide below:

  1. In Engage, click Add Feed from the top right (or click Edit on an existing feed).
  2. Beside On network(s), select the Instagram icon.
  3. Beside Of type(s), select Mentions.
  4. If applicable, use other fields to specify Channels, Marked as read rules, or assigned users.
  5. Click Save feed.

For more information on how the mentions and tags will appear in Engage, please visit the Help Center guide here.

Welcome messages

Streamline your customer communication by letting Falcon handle the first contact - In Engage, you can now expand your customizable automated tasks to include sending a welcome message.

When you set up a welcome message, your customers will receive an immediate reply to their first message to your Channel. You can use a welcome message to request specific information from each customer, promote upcoming events, products, or links, or simply say hello.

Whether or not the customer replies again, your message will always remain unread and will be found in your unread feeds in Engage until handled by a Falcon user (marked as read, deleted, or responded).

To get started, you can click the Automation tab in Engage, followed by Messages > Create Message. For more information and a full list of automated features in Engage, please visit the Help Center guide here.


Create ads from the content pool

While creating your ads in Advertise, instead of uploading media files from your device and choosing from previously used content, you can now save time and curate your promotional content in advance by choosing to upload your media directly from the Content Pool.

While creating a new ad, you can hover over the media uploader tool below the text box to view your options. Either click the box to manually upload, select Ad Account Library to choose from media previously uploaded to Advertise, or click Content Pool to view existing Content Pool items.


For a complete guide to creating ads in Advertise, please visit the Help Center guide here.


PDF exports

Quickly export the visual components in your Saved Search by exporting the data as a PDF. By exporting your Listen Search, a PDF will be downloaded to your browser containing all KPI data and currently-applied filters.

To get started, please follow the steps below:

  1. In Listen, view any existing Saved Search (or save your search if viewing a Quick Search).
  2. From the top right, click Create Report.
  3. From the dropdown, click Export dashboard as a PDF.

For more information on what you can export and what the exports will contain, please visit the Help Center guide here.

Recipient field for Listen Reports

Following the release of the new Listen Reports feature, the Listen team have now added the ability to add other recipients by including their email address.

Any recipient can be added and receive a Listen Report, whether or not they are Falcon users in your organization. For more information on Listen Reports, please visit the Help Center guide here.


NEAR/ operator

Customize the accuracy of your search results containing more than one term by allowing a gap of only specified number of words between them. Using the new NEAR/ search operator, you can specify that one search term must be found within X number of words of another term. Please see the example below:

Falcon NEAR/5 Brandwatch: Mentions will include both the words Falcon and Brandwatch within five words of eachother.

For more information on all available search operators, please visit the Help Center guide here.

Brand-new mentions panel

Choose to easily view more data for your Instagram mentions by expanding the mentions panel or clicking to view each mention.

From the mentions panel on the right-hand side of your Listen Search, you can click on any mention to view a detailed breakdown of both the mention and author information:


In addition, you can now click Show more from the top of the mentions panel to expand the panel to cover the entire page.


Increase in targeted data sources

You can now expand your search to include much more Facebook and Instagram data, such as Facebook Pages and Instagram Hashtags, by including up to 1,000 targeted data sources.
For more information on the available targeted data sources and how to add more, please visit the Help Center guide here.

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