Product Updates | August 2021

Find out which exciting new releases made it to the Falcon platform in August, 2021.


Improvements to the new Content Pool

Interact with your teammates and begin creating new posts directly from the Content Pool with new improvements from the Publish Team.

In the Content Pool, when you open any existing stock item, look for Internal Notes on the right-hand side of the page. Here, you can leave notes for other colleagues and @mention them. All users with access to the Content Pool will see the notes and any mentioned colleagues will receive an email notification containing a link to the stock item.

Above the notes, you can also click Copy Post. Copying a post will allow you to create a new draft in Publish. You will be asked to select the network and Channel(s) for your new post. Next, you can make any adjustments to the content and schedule/publish when ready.



Instagram Direct Messaging Access

As of August 16, 2021, Facebook has removed all eligibility requirements for access to Instagram Direct Messages via third-party providers like Falcon.

All Instagram Channels connected to Falcon will now have the ability to access Instagram Direct Messages in Engage. To make sure that you’re set up correctly, please enable Instagram Direct Messages as described in the guide here.

Listen | Powered by Brandwatch

Character limit

Expand your Listen Search query to be as specific as possible – The character limits for all Listen Search queries has been expanded from 600 to 100,000 characters. Find out more about creating new Listen Searches, using Advanced Queries, and utilizing the Guided Search functionality from the Help Center guide here.

Sorting mentions

While viewing your mentions in Listen, you can click Sort By to sort your mentions by reach, newest first, oldest first, a random order, Twitter Retweets, or Twitter impressions. Find out more about viewing your Search’s mentions here.


Brand-new metrics

In any Quick Search or Saved Search, you can now view more analytics relating to your Search’s mention count. While viewing and analyzing your Search results [LINK], under the Mentions count component, you can now see the average followers and Retweet rate (average number of Retweets per Tweet).


In addition, the new Mention volume benchmark graph will show you the volume of your mentions based on a chosen category, such as platform, sentiment, emotion, interest, language, or country. The graph will also display the increase or decrease in volume compared to the previous period.


Scheduled Reports

View a regular snapshot of your Saved Search’s mention volume, word clouds, authors, and mentions by creating a new Listen Report. Reports will arrive in an email at a customized date and frequency. Find out more about the information you’ll receive and how to get set up from the Help Center guide here.



Copy Posts to Publish

In Publish, it’s possible to copy any existing post, scheduled post, or draft by clicking Copy while viewing the posts.

However, now you can easily copy your published content directly from Measure. Copying content from any Content Performance widget in Measure allows you to take the time to browse your posts and find the most successful based on your chosen selection of metrics.

To get started, you can follow the steps below:

  1. In Measure, create a Content Performance Dashboard (Create Dashboard > Content Performance).
  2. Use the calendar icon to specify a date range. You can view one year at a time for a maximum of two years in the past.
  3. Edit the metrics in your widget to include a maximum of 6 metrics of your choice.
  4. Optional: At the top of the widget, click each metric total to sort your content.
  5. Optional: Apply a filter to narrow down your content.
  6. Once you’ve found a post you’d like to copy, click Copy post from the far right.

Copying posts from Measure also allows users to copy posts to Channels they might not have access to in your Falcon organization. Any user can share a Dashboard with another team in Falcon, allowing them to view and copy the content, regardless of their access to those Channels.

Find out more about browsing and copying posts from Measure here.

Customize Date Ranges and Channels

Choose which Channels and date ranges are on display for each of your Dashboard’s individual widgets.

While viewing your Dashboard, go into Edit Mode (context menu > Edit). Next, click the context menu at the top right of any widget in your Dashboard. From the dropdown menu, click either Customize Channels or Customize date range.

Any changes made to an individual widget will impact only the widget. The Dashboards and date range for the rest of the Dashboard will not reflect any changes. Visit the Help Center for more information on customizing a widget’s date range [LINK] and customizing a widget’s Channels [LINK].


View metrics by category

Quickly browse and locate the right metrics for your Measure Dashboard with new metric categories.

While editing a Dashboard’s metrics, you can now look under category headings, such as direct message, distribution, fans, and fan engagement. You can also click the headings on the left to quickly navigate to the right section.


Moving the Team Performance Report and Engage Labels Report

On September 2, 2021, both the Team Performance Report and the Engage Labels Report will transition from Measure to Engage. Under the new Reports tab in Engage, you will be able to create new Team Performance and Engage Labels Reports and you will see your organization’s existing Reports.

There will be no loss of data and functionality will remain exactly the same for each report. However, it will no longer be possible to schedule Engage Labels Reports for regular email delivery.


Engage App - Push Notifications

In the new Engage App, you can now choose to receive push notifications on your device either for new assignments, or for new content arriving in any of your chosen Engage Feeds.

The get started, tap the context menu (three lines) > settings (cog icon) > Notifications.

For more information and a guide to the Engage App, please visit the Help Center guide here.



Content Pool API

For those Falcon organizations with access to the Falcon Public API, you can now integrate with the brand-new version of the Content Pool API. Following the release of the new Content Pool in Falcon, the new Content Pool API allows you to search, add, and delete individual assets, stock items, and labels.

Find out more about the Content Pool API from the official Falcon API documentation here. If you’re interested in getting access to the Falcon Public API, please visit the Help Center guide here.


The old version of the Content Pool will be deprecated on October 31, 2021. Stock items created via the new Content Pool API will be visible in the old API. However, stock items created via the new API will not be visible in the old API.

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