Print to PDF and JPG Unavailable in Measure Reports and Listen Projects

On January 13, 2021, a technical issue occurred with the functionality to export to PDF or JPG in Measure Reports and Listen Projects. These export features are currently unavailable in the affected platform areas. In this article, we will share details on our plans to resolve the issue, as well as a workaround on how you can still export Measure Reports and Listen Projects to a PDF file.

Measure Report Exports

The issue was contained to the export to PDF and JPG options for our legacy Reports. Our new Dashboards remain unaffected by this issue, and exporting to CSV or XLS is still available for all Measure Reports. While we look into this issue, we either recommend adopting the Measure Dashboards for your exporting needs, or relying on the workaround provided below in this article.

Listen Project Exports

The options to export to PDF and JPG were affected in the Listen module. Both these options are currently unavailable. Our developers are working hard on bringing you a new ‘Export to PDF’ functionality, which will launch latest in mid-February. The new functionality will improve on the quality of PDF exports as well as introduce the option to export Mentions and the Comparison view as a PDF.

In the meantime, the options to export to CSV or XLS remain available in Listen Reports, and for PDF exports the below workaround can be used.

Print to PDF Workaround

While we work on resolving the issue, we can recommend a workaround to exporting to PDF. This workaround makes use of your browser's native print functionality. It will print the currently loaded page you are on. Here are the steps you can take in any Measure Report or Listen Project to export your current view as a PDF:

  1. Open the Measure Report or Listen Project that you want to export.
  2. Allow a moment for your browser to load the entire page.
  3. Choose the Print option in your browser’s menu or hit Cmd/Ctrl+P.
  4. Select the equivalent of the ‘print to PDF’ option in the export settings of your specific browser (as opposed to selecting a physical printer).
  5. Adjust the other export settings to fine-tune how your PDF will look.
  6. Click the Save/Print button.
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