Schedule The First Instagram Comment | December 2020


Clean up your Instagram post captions by placing hashtags and extra information in the first comment instead. When you’re creating a new Instagram post in Publish, you can now click ‘Add First Comment’ below the text editor to begin scheduling the first comment alongside your caption. When the post is published, the comment will be added to the post automatically.

For more information, please visit our Help Center guide here.


More good news for Instagram as you can now choose to tag users in Instagram images. For any single image post, you can click ‘Tag User’ directly below the text editor. Next, enter the Instagram user’s username followed by ‘Add Tag’. All (non-private) Personal, Business and Creator accounts can be tagged using the correct username.



Due to API restrictions, it’s not possible to tag private Instagram accounts and it’s only possible to tag users in single-image posts. To tag users in any other kind of post, consider publishing via the Hub App instead by clicking 'Alternatively, you can use the Hub App'.


In our Measure Dashboards, we’ve added brand new Twitter page-level metrics along with a new pre-designed Twitter Overview Dashboard. To get started with the new Dashboard, you can go to Measure > Dashboards > Create Dashboard > Twitter Overview. Here, you’ll see an overview of your Twitter page’s followers, following, number of tweets, content performance and more.


The new Twitter page-level metrics can also be viewed in any other new or existing Dashboard. To find the new metrics, open the Dashboard and click the pencil icon, ‘Edit Dashboard’, in the top right-hand side of the Dashboard. Next, either click ‘+ Add New Widget’ or click the pencil icon on an existing widget.

Here, you can search or scroll through all available metrics or click the Twitter icon to filter. You can also hover over the metrics to view the full description.

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