Facebook and Instagram Messenger updates for EU-based profiles and pages


Facebook has announced that all features mentioned in this article have returned and are no longer applicable as of April 14, 2021.

Facebook has announced a series of updates to their Messenger platform. These updates will take effect on December 16, 2020, for Facebook and Instagram Direct message conversations that involve European Union-based users or Pages.

Which updates will take effect?

Facebook has listed all updates in their technical documentation. These changes will be in effect while using Facebook and Instagram directly, as well as through any third-party tool such as Falcon.

Please bear in mind that some of the affected features are currently not available in Falcon in the first place. We have listed the specific implications for the Falcon product in a below section of this article.

With the announcement, Facebook has mentioned they are working to bring the affected features back or provide equal alternatives. We will share further updates as these efforts progress.

Who do these updates apply to?

The updates are part of Facebook’s continuing efforts to comply with new privacy rules in Europe. Therefore, the impact of these measures applies to any EU-based Facebook or Instagram Pages or profiles that take part in Direct Message conversations.

To illustrate; if an EU-based Facebook user reaches out to a US-based Page, the changes will apply. Similarly, if a US-based Facebook user interacts with an EU-based account, the changes will equally apply. However, there will be no impact if Facebook determines that all involved parties are based outside of the EU.

Implications for the Falcon platform.

As a result of the updates to Facebook, we are announcing the below updates to the Falcon product for Direct Message conversations involving EU-based parties.

Facebook Direct Message conversations

  • Video and audio files in Facebook Direct Message conversations will no longer appear. Instead, a notification will show that the shared file is unavailable. Images, GIFs, and stickers are unaffected and will still appear in your conversations.

Instagram Direct Message conversations

  • Viewing file attachments of any kind will no longer be available in Instagram Direct Message conversations.
  • When sharing image files through Falcon, instead of the file itself, a link to the image file will be shared in your Instagram Direct Message conversations. Falcon will host your image file and generate the link automatically.
  • Reactions and likes to your messages will no longer appear in your Direct Message conversations.
  • Text replies to Stories will appear as a regular Direct Message in the conversation, without reference to the Story the reply was made to.
  • Story mentions, replies with an image, and reactions will no longer appear in conversations. Instead, a notification will show that the content is unavailable.
  • Sending a heart as a reply and sharing a post as a reply will no longer be available in conversations.
  • Liking individual messages in a conversation will no longer be available.


Image files shared with a direct link will be stored on the Falcon servers. These images are hosted for up to one year, unless your Falcon contract expires sooner. Please be aware that the shared image links will stop working once a stored image is removed from the Falcon servers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our Support team.

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