Instagram Direct Messages in Engage | October 2020


Cut down on your repetitive tasks in Publish with our new Bulk Actions feature. You can now select any number of posts and choose to instantly approve, delete, label, reschedule, or unschedule them in one motion.

When you're viewing content in Publish, check the boxes on the left-hand side of any posts you’d like to adjust. Next, select from the available bulk actions at the top of the page. For more information, please visit our Help Center guide here.



It's now possible to view and respond to Instagram Direct Messages in Engage. Once you have been approved by Facebook, you can view Instagram Direct Messages by following the steps below:

  1. Create a new feed in Engage or edit an existing feed using the pencil icon.
  2. Click the ‘Select Message Type’ dropdown.
  3. Select ‘Direct Message’. If approved, you’ll see the Instagram logo showing as a supported network on the right.


Not seeing the Instagram logo? This new feature requires approval from Facebook before it can be supported in Engage. If Instagram isn’t appearing as an option, you may not have been approved yet. For more information on how to get on board, please visit our Help Center article here.



Share your progress with external stakeholders using our new Public Dashboards feature. In any Measure Dashboard, you can now create shareable links which will show a read-only version of the Dashboard. The links can be viewed by anyone, whether they're Falcon users or not. You can also define the time range covered, the link’s expiration, and which widgets are displayed.

To get started, visit any Dashboard in Measure and click ‘Share’ from the top right, followed by ‘Create new public link’. More information on how to set up or modify Public Dashboards can be found on our Help Center here.

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