Restricted Use-Cases for Twitter in Classic Listen

The Twitter mentions in your Listen Projects are subject to Twitter's policies regarding the safety and privacy of their users. Any Listen Project that includes Twitter as a source should adhere to these policies. For governmental entities, there are additional requirements that must be met. This article covers both the general Twitter policies as well as the special requirements for government-related entities.

Restricted Twitter Use-Cases

All Listen Projects (whether you are a government-related entity or not) that include Twitter as a source, are required to adhere to Twitter’s restricted use-cases policies. Some examples of actions that are prohibited by these Twitter policies are:

  • Inferring potentially sensitive characteristics about Twitter users, such as their political beliefs, sexual orientation, financial status, racial or ethnic origin, or religious beliefs, among others.
  • Matching of user data from Twitter to third-party data without the user's consent (such as Twitter handles to email addresses).
  • Using Twitter data to create and/or target spam content.
  • Surveillance of users, groups, or events such as protests by unions or activists.

The above points are some of the restrictions to keep in mind when you create Listen Projects that have Twitter as a source. For a more detailed specification of what Twitter disallows, you can read through Twitter’s own documentation.

Pre-Approval for Government and Government-Related Entities

Next to the above-mentioned general Twitter policies, there are special requirements for government and government-related entities. These entities should request permission in advance for listening to Twitter in any of their Listen projects.

Twitter classifies governmental entities as everything that receives public funding or is remotely related to various government institutions, agencies, political parties, tourism boards, or educational institutions such as universities. Agencies with customers that are considered governmental should also be approved.

Requesting approval

The approval process will usually be initiated automatically by Falcon when your company signs up for one of our products. In those cases, your account executive at Falcon will determine if your company falls within the governmental entity definition. In other cases, the approval would need to be obtained at a later point in time, for example, if your agency takes on a new client that classifies as a governmental entity.


Your Twitter Channels can be connected to Falcon while a Twitter approval needs to be submitted or is pending approval. Apart from Twitter data in Listen, your Channel will be fully operational in Falcon.

For each application, the following process applies:

  1. If your Account Executive has not initiated the approval process for you at signup, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager at Falcon to request the approval.
  2. You will receive a form that requests information about the following:
    • What your company is and in which jurisdiction it is located.
    • Who your customers are and where they are located.
    • What you plan to use Twitter data for.
    • Which keywords and phrases you plan to monitor Twitter for.
  3. In Twitter’s assessment, other factors might also be considered, such as prior requests, evidence of policy violations in the past, or special political or social factors that might impact the safety of Twitter users.
  4. Once you’ve filled out the form, please return it to your Falcon representative. They will submit the form to Twitter for you.
  5. Twitter will usually process an application in 5-7 days. In some cases, they might request additional information, or adjustments to your plans. Your Falcon representative will reach out to you with any information regarding the application.
  6. If your application is approved, Falcon will enable Twitter as a source for your Listen projects and you can create Projects that adhere to the statements in your application.

If you have previously received approval from Twitter and would like to make a change to your Listen projects, such as changing the keywords you monitor, please contact your Falcon representative. We will consult Twitter about if a renewed application is required.

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