Twitter Reach and Impressions in Listen | August 2020


In Listen, you can now see the estimated impressions and potential reach for your Twitter mentions. When you open any Project, select ‘Current View: Insights’ from the top of the page. In here, you’ll find this information under the ‘Overview’ tab.


It’s also possible to sort your mentions by potential reach. To view your Project’s mentions, select ‘Current View: Mentions’ from the top of the page. Next, select the ‘Sort View’ dropdown and choose ‘Potential Reach’.



Impressions and reach statistics in Listen are only pertaining to Twitter mentions currently.

Lastly, you can now choose to filter your Listen queries for specific Facebook pages. When you’re building advanced queries, you can apply the ‘facebookPageId’ filter to specify that your project should include or exclude mentions from Facebook pages of your choice. For more information on how to apply this filter, please visit our Help Center article here



If you’d like to restrict the use of your media files to a specific timeframe, you can set an embargo and expiration date for your stock items in the Content Pool. If a user attempts to create a post with these stock items outside of your chosen dates, they will receive a warning. This helps you plan expertly timed social media campaigns that can easily be executed by your teams.

When creating a new stock item via the Content Pool or via a Publish Calendar Campaign, you can click ‘Add embargo and expiration dates’ followed by the calendar tool to choose your dates.


Due to a recent update to Instagram’s API, we’re now able to support the upload of PNG files for Instagram posts and stories again. When you’re creating an image post in Publish, you can double-check the supported file-types and media specs for each network by hovering over the information icon in the media uploader box.

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