Dashboard CSV Exports | July 2020


Following our release of the ability to print/save Dashboards as a PDF, it’s now possible to export Dashboards as a CSV file. With this new exporting option, you can choose to export any type of Dashboard in its entirety or create a selection of the widgets you’d like to include.

When you’re viewing any Measure Dashboard, simply select the arrow button (‘Export Dashboard’) from the top right followed by either ‘Export Dashboard as CSV’ or ‘Customized Export’. For more information on how to export and customize, please see our Help Center guide here.


In our Content Performance Dashboard, you can now view the labels which have been applied to your posts. When you’re viewing any Content Performance Dashboard, you’ll see the labels below the caption of each individual post. You can hover over the labels displayed to expand and see the full list. All labels will also be included in any CSV exports.

For help creating a new Content Performance Dashboard in Measure, please see our Help Center guide here. You can get started by going to Measure followed by Dashboards > New Dashboard > Content Performance.



Listening to Instagram comes with some restrictions due to Instagram’s API updates. In short, you can only search for hashtags as opposed to keywords (so ‘#Falcon’ instead of ‘Falcon’) and you can only search for a maximum of 30 hashtags per connected Instagram channel. For example, if you have 3 Instagram channels connected to Falcon, this allows us to search for 90 hashtags using Listen. For more information on these restrictions, please see our Help Center guide here.

These restrictions only apply to any Listen topic which has Instagram included as a source. However, to help you manage your hashtag availability and which hashtags are being used, we've introduced the new Instagram Hashtags Overview in Listen.

By clicking on the ‘Instagram Hashtags’ tab, you can view which Instagram hashtags are being used in your projects along with their tracking status and your overall hashtag availability. For a full guide on what’s included and information on the different tracking statuses, you can check out our Help Center guide here.

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