FAQ: Essentials Falcon Packages (Base and Base+)

This article is meant as a resource for all billing and account related questions for Falcon Essentials (Base and Base+) packages, including trials. The information in this article pertains only to those packages.

If your company has a Falcon Full Suite package and you have an account and billing related inquiry, we recommend reaching out to your Customer Success Manager at Falcon, or the Falcon Support team.

How can I convert my trial account to a subscription?

The easiest way to convert your trial to a subscription is by heading over to our pricing page. On that page, click Buy now for the Essentials package and follow the steps on screen to complete your subscription.

You can get to the same page from inside the platform by clicking Get Falcon Now at the very top of your window.

If you have been in contact with one of our Account Executives before, please feel free to reach out to them as they can provide you with a payment link.

Finally, you may always contact us at essentials@falcon.io for questions about converting your trial to a subscription.

What if my transaction gets declined?

Payment can fail due to a wide variety of reasons. We will always notify the account owner through email if a transaction failure occurs.

If your credit card information has changed or expired, please contact cardpayment@falcon.io for a secure link to update your payment details. Make sure to mention your company's name.

If your payment cannot be processed after a total of 10 business days, your subscription with Falcon will end and your account with us will close.

Running into any other issues around your account and billing? Please reach out to the Falcon Support team.

How can I get more Users, Channels, or other Falcon features?
If you want to add additional Users or Channels, or enable other features such as our Advertise or Listen modules, please email essentials@falcon.io. We will reach out to assist you further.
How can I change my Falcon Essentials package to a different Falcon package?
If you are considering a different Essentials package, or if you are looking to upgrade to the full Falcon Suite, please get in touch with us at essentials@falcon.io. We will reach out to discuss the options and find you the right solution.
Where can I find my invoice?
Receipts of payment will be sent on a monthly or annual basis depending on your Falcon plan. We do not store invoices within the Falcon platform. Therefore, if you wish to retrieve invoices for previous months or years, please email essentials@falcon.io and we will provide them for you.
How can I cancel my subscription?
If you wish to cancel your subscription, please email essentials@falcon.io. We will confirm and process the cancellation as soon as possible. As per the terms and conditions of your Falcon.io contract, monthly plans can be canceled by providing notice to Falcon.io at any time before the end of the then-current monthly subscription term. Annual plans can be canceled by providing notice to Falcon.io at least thirty (30) days before the end of the then-current annual subscription term.
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