‘Donate Now’ Call-To-Action Button | June 2020


Encourage your customers to act on important causes of your choice by including the new ‘Donate Now’ call-to-action button on your ads. When you’re creating or editing an Ad in Advertise, simply choose the ‘Call to action’ dropdown, select ‘Donate Now’ and provide a link to promote.


In Advertise, it’s now possible to bulk filter your content by choosing multiple Campaigns or Ad Sets at once. To filter by Campaigns, simply select any number of Campaigns using the checkboxes on the left side followed by ‘Filter Ad Sets’ at the top of the page. Choosing this option will display all Ad Sets associated with your chosen Campaigns.

Similarly, you can select multiple Ad Sets followed by ‘Filter Ads’ to see a list of ads created from those Ad Sets.


In order to gain as many opportunities with your ads as possible, we’re offering the ability to choose from all placement options which are available natively on Facebook. In addition, you can also choose to target specific mobile devices, operating systems and connection types.

When you’re creating or editing an Ad Set in Advertise, scroll to the heading ‘Placements’ to view and select from available devices, platforms, placements, and more. You can click the dropdown arrows to view all available options under each category. Please see below for the up-to-date list of placement options:


Depending on the objective chosen for your Campaign, certain placement options may be unavailable when creating or editing your Ad Set. This is in line with Facebook’s automated suggestions which ensure a more efficient use of your budget.


Facebook News Feed

Instagram Feed

Facebook Marketplace (New)

Facebook Video Feeds

Facebook Right Column

Instagram Explore (New)

Messenger Inbox


Facebook Stories (New)

Instagram Stories

Messenger Stories (New)


Facebook In-Stream Videos


Audience Network Native, Banner, and Interstitial

Audience Network Rewarded Videos

Facebook Search Results (New)
Messenger Sponsored Messages
Facebook Instant Articles
Placements_1.png Placements_2.png


Our new Measure Dashboards have been optimized to support save/print to PDF options in all supported browsers. Using this functionality, it’s possible to create and share a PDF export of your Dashboards.


To streamline your workflow in Measure, we have separated your overview of Dashboards and legacy Reports into two different tabs found at the top of the page. The introduction of the ‘Dashboards’ and ‘Reports’ tabs allows you to filter and sort through each of them separately using the options at the top of the page. In addition, you can now choose the ‘Create Dashboard’ or ‘Create Report’ buttons from the same location in the top right of the page.

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