Re-establish the Link Between an Instagram Account and a Facebook Page

On June 11, 2020, Facebook notified us of an issue with the connection between Facebook's Business Manager and Instagram Business accounts. For the affected accounts, the connection between the two was broken. As a result, certain Instagram accounts will disconnect from Falcon since your Instagram channel is connected to Falcon through the Facebook Business Manager.

This article gives specific instructions on how to resolve this issue and how to get your Instagram account connected to Falcon again.

Re-establish the Connection Between Facebook and Instagram

Before you can reconnect your Instagram account to Falcon, it is required to repair the connection to your Facebook Business Manager. The Facebook issue causes that connection to falter, even if it appears to be connected.

Therefore, we advice to re-establish the connection between your Instagram account and your Facebook Business Manager. The below instructions can be performed by anyone with access to the Instagram account and Admin access to your Business Manager.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your phone and log into the affected Instagram account.
  2. Open the Settings menu and navigate to Account > Linked accounts.
  3. If a Facebook page appears to be connected to your Instagram account, please click it and choose 'Unlink'. If no Facebook page appears to be connected, please continue to the next step.


    This will not change your Business account back to a Personal account. There will be no loss of data.

  4. Under the same 'Linked accounts' section, choose Facebook. Follow the steps on screen to connect the Instagram account back to the Facebook Page it was previously connected to.

The connection between your Instagram account and your Facebook Business Manager has now been restored. You can proceed to reconnect your Instagram Channel to Falcon as described in this section on Channel reconnections.

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