Engagement and Interaction Rate by Reach | April 2020


In our Publish editor, we’ve introduced the options to edit or completely hide the last slide of your Facebook carousel posts.

As you create a Facebook carousel post, the last slide will appear automatically as a call-to-action to find out more. By default, the link for this slide will direct you to the first link of your carousel post. As a new feature, you can now decide to change it to a link of your choice, or rather entirely remove the slide.

To change the link, simply paste a new address in the 'Link’ field at the bottom of the editor on the left-hand side.


To remove the slide, uncheck the box entitled, 'Display last card of the carousel.'



We’re introducing more ‘Engagement Rate’ metrics in our Measure Dashboards. In the list of Content Performance metrics, you can now choose to include ‘Engagement Rate (Reach)’ and ‘Interaction Rate (Reach)’. These metrics allow you to view your engagement or interaction by reach instead of impressions.

To view these metrics, create a new Content Performance Widget or view an existing one. Next, select the pencil icon, ‘Edit Dashboard’, in the top right-hand side of the Dashboard, followed by the pencil icon on the widget. Here, you can search or scroll through all available metrics. You can also hover over the metrics to view the description and formula.

Engagement_Rate__Reach_.png Interaction_Rate__Reach_.png


Due to LinkedIn and Instagram API restrictions, ‘Engagement Rate (Reach)’ is currently only available for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter while ‘Interaction Rate (Reach)’ is only available for Facebook and Twitter.

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