Monthly Mentions Usage in Classic Listen

Mentions are central to Listen. Any time you run a Listen project, your results come in as mentions. Given that you have a maximum number of mentions per month across all your Listen projects, it’s important to understand how they work and how you can get the most out of them. This article will give you an overview of what Listen mentions are and some best practices for creating your Listen projects with your mentions cap in mind.


The information in this article relates to the classic version of the Listen module. For information on search and mention limits in Listen | Powered by Brandwatch, please visit the guide here.

What Are Mentions?

When you create a Listen project, you essentially provide Falcon with a search query; a set of keywords, phrases, and filters. Falcon automatically pulls data from a wide variety of sources across the internet for that query. Any time it finds a matching piece of content, it pulls it into your Listen project as a result. We call each of those results Mentions.


Listen projects only scan for new content matching your queries. No historical results are pulled in from the web. Any historical content you might see, after you’ve created your Listen project, was stored on Falcon’s servers already and coincidentally matched with your query. These results are not indicative of the amount of mentions you might receive going forward.

Due to the resource intensiveness of monitoring the internet for mentions, we’ve assigned a monthly mentions cap to your organization, as defined in your Falcon contract. All mentions coming in across all your organization’s Listen projects count towards this mentions cap. At the start of each month, the mentions cap resets to zero.

Falcon monitors your used mentions and projects them forward. In the top center of the Listen overview, you can see statistics for your available and used mentions for the current month. The graph shows if you will run out of mentions by the end of the month, given that your projects continue performing like the recent past (i.e. it cannot predict a sudden increase in mentions but bases itself on recent results).

Any mention pulled into Falcon counts once towards your mentions cap. Should you get the same mention in multiple projects, we only count it once towards your mentions cap.

Running Out of Monthly Mentions

Running out of mentions means that Falcon will suspend monitoring the internet for relevant mentions, until your mentions cap resets at the start of the next calendar month.

If you’re expected to run out of monthly mentions based on the current performance of your projects, we’ll send a warning email 5 days in advance to all Admin users.

If you do run out of mentions before the end of the month, some mentions might still appear for your projects. These mentions come from other Falcon organizations whose Listen projects coincidentally pulled in a mention that also fits one of your queries. Please bear in mind that in these cases, your incoming mentions volume will likely not match the volume prior to hitting your mentions cap.

Planning Your Mentions Usage

Your mentions are shared across all projects you and your colleagues create. Therefore, it is recommended to coordinate the Listen projects being created across your organization.

In addition, we recommend creating Listen projects conservatively at first, with filters that will greatly narrow down your results. Let it run for about a week to get a sense of the amount of mentions it gathers. This ensures you won’t accidentally go through all your monthly mentions at once. Later, you can always fine-tune your project to match a wider amount of content.

In some cases, you could rather decide to create one big Listen project that might reach your mentions cap well before the end of the month. For example, if you’d like to monitor all mentions around a two-day event, you could decide to create a project that might potentially go through all your mentions in the few days around your event. Just bear in mind that other Listen projects might be short-changed for the remainder of that month.

Finally, if you’re in need of more mentions on a temporary or even permanent basis, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the Falcon Support team.

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