Gradual replacement of Reports in Measure

A few months ago, we were excited to introduce you to our newest powerhouse feature: Measure Dashboards. With their lightning speed, endless flexibility, and ease of use, they are truly a leap forward for Falcon’s social analytics capabilities.

In 2020, we’re continuing our commitment to expand the functionality of Dashboards far beyond what you’ve seen possible with the legacy Reports. We’d like to give you an overview of our development roadmap and announce the replacement of the first Reports features by their Dashboards equivalent.

The road ahead

When we acquired Komfo in 2018, we intended to integrate Komfo’s powerful social advertising and analytics capabilities into Falcon. Releasing Measure Dashboards (and equally our new Advertise product) in 2019 was a direct outcome of this long-haul effort. The technical foundation that Measure Dashboards is built on allows us much quicker feature development and much higher ambitions. Therefore, the next step in our journey is to completely replace the legacy Measure Reports with equivalent Dashboards features.

To accomplish this milestone, we’ve put together a roadmap that aims to move existing features from Reports to Dashboards while simultaneously introducing entirely new features in Dashboards. We’ve been able to deliver on many of these commitments already, such as the Content Performance Widget and the expansion of available metrics. Some of the more important upcoming projects for 2020 are:

Dashboards exporting
Download your Dashboards data for further offline analysis and sharing.
Advanced content filtering
Filter and sort by label, post type, promotion status, hashtags, and more.
Public Dashboards
Easily share a Dashboard outside of Falcon through a direct link or have them delivered to an email periodically.

Deprecating legacy Measure features

In tandem with the rollout of further Dashboards functionality, we’re also moving ahead with the deprecation of certain legacy features. Please rest assured that we only progress as soon as we are confident that Dashboards offers an equal or better alternative.

With the current implementation of Dashboards, we’re ready for a first step. On May 15, 2020, the following legacy Measure features will be deprecated:

  • Community Reports.
  • Brand Overview Reports.

After May 15, 2020, all Falcon users will lose the ability to view and create Reports of these two types. Any previously created reports of this type will be removed. Please be sure to export your data from these reports if you prefer to have a backup.

For Community Reports, we recommend creating a Dashboard with the Fans Overview template. To replace the Brand Overview Report, we recommend a Dashboard with the Engagement Overview template.

We will keep you updated on our next steps as we get closer to future releases. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the Falcon Support team.

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