Revoked Page Permissions Troubleshooting Guide

This article is a specific troubleshooting guide for so-called 'revoked permissions' Channel issues. These types of issues can be Channel disconnections or publishing errors, for example. They can occur as a consequence of certain Facebook Page or Instagram account permissions being revoked. This article shares a bit of context and contains instructions for resolving the problem.

What Causes Revoked Permission Issues?

When a Facebook Page or Instagram account gets connected to Falcon, we require permissions to manage the asset on your behalf. It means that the user connecting the Channel is asked by Facebook to explicitly grant those permissions. A Channel can only be connected and successfully used in Falcon if all required permissions are granted.

However, Facebook does not just ask permissions for the specific Page you're trying to connect. Instead, they ask you to re-confirm all permissions that have been granted for all Pages in the Business Manager that are connected to Falcon.

If you experience frequent Channel disconnections, or publishing errors within Falcon, it might be related to the permissions of one Channel being revoked by the connection of another Channel. In that case, the rest of this article will help resolve the issues.

Restore Permissions for Facebook Channels

You can restore permissions either from within Falcon, or on Facebook natively:

Restore permissions from within Falcon

To restore the permissions for your Channels from within Falcon, you can simply reconnect your Channels and grant the permissions during the flow. You'll have to be an Admin or Team Lead user in Falcon, and an Admin of the Pages on Facebook.

  1. Hover over your user icon in the lower left-hand corner of the platform and select 'Settings' from the menu.
  2. Click 'Channels' under Channel Settings.
  3. Click on the 'Add Channels' button.
  4. Click 'Connect' under Facebook or Instagram.
  5. A popup window from Facebook will open. If requested, log into the relevant Facebook account.
  6. In the Facebook popup, click 'Edit Settings' in the first screen.
  7. Choose 'Select All'. Facebook does not grant certain required permissions if not all channels are selected. Falcon will never retrieve data for Channels that you don't connect to our platform, regardless of the permissions you grant here. Click 'Next'.

  8. Grant all permissions listed. Click 'Done'.

  9. Click 'Ok' in the last screen. You are returned to Falcon.
  10. In Falcon, select all Channels that need to be reconnected to Falcon. Alternatively, go to the tab 'Connected Channels administrated by your organization' and select any number of already connected Channels from there. Those Channels will be reconnected to Falcon with the updated permissions. Click the 'Connect X Channels' button in the bottom right.
  11. Choose a team to add the Channels to. Click 'Finish'.

You have now granted all required permissions for all Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts that are, or need to be, connected to Falcon. Any user who connects additional Facebook assets to Falcon in the future can simply click the 'Continue as *their username*' button at the start of Facebook's approval flow. That will always grant permissions to the new assets without revoking already granted permissions.

Restore permissions on Facebook natively

You can also restore permissions for your Pages on Facebook natively. In that case, you will need to be an Admin of those Pages on Facebook. You can follow the below steps to restore the permissions:

  1. Log into the relevant Facebook account.
  2. Navigate to the top right dropdown menu and click 'Settings'.
  3. Navigate to the section 'Business Integrations'.
  4. Find the Falcon card and click 'View and edit'.
  5. Grant all the permissions that are listed in the popup screen. Click 'Save'.

Any disconnected Channels can now be reconnected to Falcon with all required permissions.

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