Custom Audiences in Advertise

The Audiences section in Advertise contains all the audiences available in your Facebook Ads Manager. These audiences can be used to target specific subsets of users when creating Ad Sets. Before applying them to your Ad Sets, you can review your available audiences by their properties and choose the right ones for your advertising goals.

Audiences showcases all the audiences that are available in your Facebook Ad Account. The following information is shown in the overview from left to right:

Shared status
The shared arrow indicator appears when an audience is shared with or by you. If the audience is not shared, the indicator won't be visible.

There are three possible statuses for your audience.

When the audience is 'Ready', you're good to go with using it in any of your Ad Sets.

If the status is set to 'Not created', your audience in Facebook was not narrowed down by the given Lookalike Audience criteria. Broaden the criteria to create an audience of a big enough size.

When an audience is set to 'Disabled', it means the Ad Account it was shared from has been disabled. We recommend sending a request to the audience owner to re-enable the Ad Account.

Hovering over the name of the audience gives you a popup with more details about the audience criteria. Due to certain Facebook API limitations, some criteria or audience source data is displayed in numerical values.
The type is either a Custom Audience, or a Lookalike Audience.
Shows the approximate size of the audience.
Shows the last edited date. If you hover over the date, it also shows a popup with the creation date.
Actions menu
Gives you the option to view the audience natively in the Facebook Business Manager.


Your audiences created in the Falcon Audience module do not automatically appear in the Advertise Audiences section. You can export an audience from the Audience module to your Facebook Ad Account. In that case, it will get pulled into Advertise since it has now been converted into a Custom or Lookalike audience on Facebook.

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