Create image and GIF posts

You can really make your social media content pop in the feed and add flair to your messaging using images and GIFs. Falcon lets you do this several ways that we'll explore in this article.

Supported image post types per network

The networks supported in Falcon each have their own supported image post types. We've made an easy overview:

Image post type Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn
Single-image post
Multi-image post Up to 25 images Up to 10 images Up to 4 images
GIF post 1 GIF per post 1 GIF per post

If you'd like to learn more about which file types and properties are supported by each network, we recommend checking our media attachments guide.

Create an image or a GIF post

Whether you'd like to add one image, multiple images, or a GIF, creating an image post involves the same steps for all of them:

  1. In the Publish module, click 'Create Post' in the top left.
  2. Choose the network and Channels you want to publish your image post to.
  3. Add your preferred post copy to the textbox.
  4. Underneath the textbox, you have the option of adding your assets. There are a few ways in which you can add them:

    • Drag and drop one or more image files to the file area.
    • Click the file area to open a local file browser. Choose the files to add from there.
    • While hovering over the file area, click the 'Cloud' link to open a file picker popup. You can access various cloud storages such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
    • While hovering over the file area, click the 'Content Pool' link to select files stored in the Content Pool.
  5. Optional: Drag and drop your attached files to change their order of appearance.
  6. Consider any advanced options such as adding Twitter image descriptions or adjusting an image with our Photo Editor.
  7. Once you're happy with your post, click the Publish, Schedule, or 'Send for Approval' button.


Publishing multi-image (Carousel) posts to Instagram involves additional publishing steps for which we created a separate article here.


You can use Campaigns and the Content Pool to upload images, GIF, and video stock assets. From there, they can easily be copied to a post by your local markets.

Add descriptions for a Twitter image post

You can add an image description to Twitter image posts. Providing a description makes your content accessible to visually impaired users. Screen reading software can read these texts aloud, allowing the visually impaired to experience your content too. Therefore, we recommend going for texts that describe the key details of the images you share.

Before you can attach a description to your images, you'll have to activate the feature in your native Twitter settings. The instructions for it can be found here.

After activating the feature, you can add an alt text to your Twitter image post as follows:

  1. Create a Twitter image post by following the general instructions from earlier in this article.
  2. Once you've added your images to the Publish Editor (step 4), click the 'Add Description' button underneath the image thumbnails.

    The 'Add Description' button
  3. Add a description to each attached image, of maximum 420 characters.

    Added a description for an image
  4. Once you're happy with your post, click the Publish, Schedule, or 'Send for Approval' button.


Descriptions are not supported for GIFs or videos.

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