LinkedIn Video Posts | August & September 2019


Now you can post video content directly from Falcon to your LinkedIn channels. When done right and planned ahead, video posts on LinkedIn can boost your company's professional brand and elevate your thought leadership.


We're also introducing location tagging on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more visibility for your brand. Did you know that posts with a tagged location result in 80% higher engagement than posts without a tagged location?

For all of you creative souls out there, our in-platform Photo Editor now allows you to add custom stickers and overlay to images. It's a great little tool that helps you stay on-brand or make your visuals pop while editing your images directly within Falcon.


Finally, we now support larger video files for Facebook posts. You can upload video files up to 10GBs and custom thumbnails up to 10MBs. Garner those likes and shares with some high-quality content!


In order to get a better overview of your ad campaign performance for reports, presentations, or in-depth statistical analytics, you can now export all data for campaigns, ad sets and ads directly from Falcon.

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