Automation in Engage

With Automation in Engage, you can save valuable time and break the tedium of manually labeling and assigning inbound content. Furthermore, rule-based automations never overlook relevant content and are 24/7 on the job.

By setting up a simple 'if this then that' logic, you can easily implement your own automation rules. In this article, we'll show you how.

Available Triggers and Actions

When creating an automation rule, you choose one or a few conditions (triggers), and one action to take when those conditions are met. Once the automation rule is active, Falcon will review each new piece of Engage content for a match with your rule. If a match is found, it executes the action you set.

You can choose if you want the automation rule to trigger based on one of the conditions you chose (Match any) or if all chosen conditions must be met for a single piece of content (Match all).

You can choose from the following triggers:

Message content
Triggers based on one or a few keywords. You can decide if some, all, or none of those keywords should be part of the incoming content text.
Triggers based on the network the content comes from. You can choose from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, or LinkedIn. You can either include or exclude them from the trigger.
Triggers based on the Facebook, WhatsApp, or LinkedIn Channel the content comes from. You can either include or exclude them from the trigger.
Message type
Triggers based on the message type of the content. You can choose posts, comments, replies, or Direct Messages, and either include or exclude them from the trigger.

You can choose from the following action types:

Assign to
Assigns the piece of content to a user or a team.
Add labels
Adds one or more labels of your choice to the piece of content.

Set Up an Automation Rule

You can create a rule in just a few simple steps. Please bear in mind that only Admin users in Falcon can create rules. Furthermore, there are a few practical limitations to the size of your automations. There is a maximum of:

  • 25 keywords per condition.
  • 10 conditions per rule.
  • 50 rules per organization.

Here's how you can create your rules:

  1. Go to the Automation tab in Engage.

    Automations tab
  2. Click Add Rule in the top right.
  3. Choose your if trigger and then action type options.


    Keywords and phrases are case sensitive.


    When adding message content keywords and phrases, be sure to press Enter after typing each keyword or phrase. That will create a card for them in the textbox, like shown below.

    Creating a rule
  4. Give your rule a descriptive title.
  5. Click Add Rule in the bottom right.

Your rule is now created and it will process any new Engage content that arrives in Falcon.


If a piece of content would fit the trigger criteria of multiple Assign to rules, only the first created rule will be processed. In contrast, multiple 'Add labels' rules can be applied to one piece of content.

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