Creating, Editing, and Deleting Dashboards

Dashboards are a powerful tool to house the Channels and KPIs you frequently report on. Set them up once and return to them on a continuing basis to report on the latest data.

You can find your Dashboards at the top of the Measure section. You can still find the legacy Measure reports below them.

Creating a Dashboard

  1. Go to Measure and click Create Dashboard next to any existing Dashboard.

  2. Choose one of the predefined templates or start with a blank Dashboard by clicking Build your own. Hover over the templates for a brief description.


    Curious about the templates you can choose from? You can find descriptions for them here.

  3. After choosing a template, you’ll be asked to name the new Dashboard in the top left.

    Dashboard name box


    Choosing a descriptive name for your dashboard is a good practice, as this will help you find it in the Measure overview section. We recommend choosing a name that includes the brand, location, time interval, and your KPIs/objectives (such as 'Falcon CPH Weekly Engagement').

  4. Check the box beside any Channels you would like to include in your Dashboard.

  5. Finish the creation flow by clicking Create Dashboard. To fill out your newly created Dashboard with Widgets, be sure to follow the guide below on editing your Dashboards.

Editing a Dashboard

After creating a new Dashboard or opening an existing one, you will see the Dashboard in View mode. In this mode, you can change the date range in the top right, and filter for Channels in the top left.

You can switch to Edit mode to configure your Dashboard and add, edit, or remove Widgets, as well as add or remove Channels. Click on the pencil icon from the top right to enter the Edit mode.


In Edit mode, you can take the following actions:

Add new Widgets
Click + Add Widget at the top or bottom of your existing Widgets.
Remove Widgets
Click on the trash icon at the top right of the Widget.
Reorder Widgets by dragging and dropping
Click on the top bar of the Widget and drag it to the desired position. Other widgets will move out of the way automatically and fill any empty rows.
Resize Widgets
Click on the bottom right corner of the Widget and drag it to the desired size along the x and y-axis. Clicking and dragging any edge of a Widget will only resize it along that specific axis.
Rename and change the KPIs of a Widget
Both are done by clicking the pencil icon from the top right of the Widget and performing your actions in the menu that pops up.
Filter the content of a Content Performance Widget

Add, edit, or remove the Filters for any Content Performance Widget by choosing the Filter option in the top right of the Widget and configuring the settings.

Add or remove Channels to report on
Click Manage Channels from the top left of the Dashboard. The resulting menu will have options to add or remove Channels. All Widgets will automatically update with your changes to the Channel.


Once the Dashboard is to your liking, you can click Save Dashboard from the top right to save your changes and return to the View mode. If you want to discard the changes you've made, simply click Cancel.

Deleting a Dashboard

A Dashboard can be deleted in two ways:

  • When viewing the Dashboard, click on the trash icon from the top right.

  • When in the Measure Overview section, click the context menu (three dots) on the Dashboard from the top right of the card, followed by Delete.

    delete dashboard 2
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