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The information in this article relates to the classic version of the Listen module. For information on listening to Instagram in Listen | Powered by Brandwatch, please visit the guide here.

There are certain requirements for creating Listen Projects that look for keywords on Instagram. Below here, you can find the exact impact that these API restrictions will have on the Projects you create, and the data they return.

Given the below listed limitations, Falcon offers the Hashtag Overview section to manage all Instagram related searches throughout your Listen Projects. Head over to the Hashtags Overview article for more information. This article will continue with a list of the known Instagram API limitations:

There are general limitations for searching through Instagram content:
  • Only hashtags can be found through search. For example, the keyword ‘movies’ cannot be searched for on Instagram, but the hashtag ‘#movies’ can.
  • Only the caption of a post can be searched for hashtags. If '#movies' is mentioned in a comment, or is in a post overlay text, it can't be found.
Certain information about mentions is anonymous:
  • Instagram will not deliver information regarding the author of the content.
  • Instagram will not deliver location data on content.
  • The timestamps shown on Instagram mentions indicates the time when they were indexed by Falcon, instead of when they were created on the network natively.
Instagram limits how many keywords you can listen to at a time:
  • A maximum of 30 hashtags can be listened to on Instagram at the same time, per Instagram Channel. For example, if your organization has three Instagram Channels connected to Falcon, you can listen to 90 Instagram hashtags across all Listen Projects in your Organization.
  • Once the above limit is reached, no user can create a new Listen topic or add keywords to existing topics, where Instagram is enabled as a source.
  • Hashtags are automatically monitored for a minimum period of 7 days. During that time, they count towards the 30 hashtags limit per Instagram Channel. For example, if you start monitoring '#movies', but change it immediately after to '#films', Instagram will monitor both hashtags for a 7-day period, even though '#movies' is not part of any of your Listen Projects anymore.
If you would like to listen to more keywords, we recommend you perform the following actions:
  • Remove unwanted keywords from topics that have Instagram as a source.
  • Remove unwanted topics that have Instagram as a source.
  • Connect additional Instagram Business Accounts to Falcon. Read about connecting Instagram accounts here.
  • Disable Instagram as a source in a topic.


You may use the same keyword multiple times, in different projects, and it will only count once towards the Instagram limit.

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