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Choosing a Dashboard template gets you quick access to your data. These Dashboards are preconfigured with relevant and cohesive Widgets.

The preset Widgets are based on market research on the most common use cases for reporting on the performance of your Channels. We've created the templates listed below, with the last one allowing you to build your own Dashboard from scratch.

Fans overview

A Dashboard with metrics about your fans and follower growth on your Facebook and Instagram Channels. Metrics include the total number of fans, fan fluctuation, when fans are online, and a demographics breakdown.

Distribution overview

A Dashboard that drills down on the impressions and reach metrics of your Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. Some of the Widgets show richer breakdowns for your Facebook pages.

Engagement overview

A Dashboard that showcases the various engagement metrics and breakdowns available for your Facebook pages. Metrics include reactions, comments, shares, clicks and direct messages. The Dashboard has Widgets with engaged users broken down by their demographic data.

Video overview

A Dashboard that focuses on the various video metrics of your Facebook pages: video views, watch time, and breakdowns on paid, viral, and organic reach.

LinkedIn overview

A Dashboard that drills down on the fan, impression and engagement metrics of your LinkedIn Channels. Includes unique LinkedIn metrics such as a fans breakdown by function.

LinkedIn Overview
Content performance

A Dashboard that contains data on your individual posts performance. Includes a wide variety of metrics for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Build your own

This option allows you to create an empty Dashboard and fill it with any Widgets of your choice.


Curious about how to create and edit Dashboards? We got that covered here.

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