Introduction to Measure Dashboards and Widgets

For the better part of the past two years, we’ve been working behind the scenes on a new version of the Measure module. Now, we’re delighted to finally introduce you to this new Falcon feature!

The Measure module has undergone a thorough redesign, as well as the addition of improvements like faster number-crunching algorithms, and beautiful widgets that can be resized and repositioned to display the metrics you care about, in the way you prefer to see them. Furthermore, you can expect support for additional metrics not seen on Falcon before.

The legacy version of Measure that you're used to consists of 'Reports', in which you can create 'Modules' with your selected metrics. The new version of Measure will similarly consist of 'Dashboards' with configurable and resizable 'Widgets' that can contain your metrics in any way you like. Don't worry though: for the time being, you still have access to the legacy reports while we roll out and ramp up the new Dashboards and Widgets.

Dashboard preview


In contrast to the legacy Measure report, the new Dashboards are created for your user only and are not automatically shared with other users on the platform. Sharing functionality will arrive at a later point in time.

The major highlights of the new Dashboards and Widgets are:

  • Any Falcon user can create Dashboards for the channels that they have access to.


    The governance model of the legacy reports will not change. They can still only be created by Team Lead and Admin users.

  • Thanks to our improved number-crunching algorithms, the dashboards can handle all your channels, with no limitations on how many you can include.
  • The Widgets are designed to work in a cross-network way. They can handle KPIs from channels on Facebook in the same Widget as Channels on Instagram, for example.
  • The Widgets can be resized, reordered, and repositioned by dragging and dropping.
  • The Widgets can aggregate data both as totals and averages.
  • Any Widget can be added to any Dashboard.
  • Choose from a wide range of new KPIs, in addition to the ones we already support on Falcon.

Curious about how to get started with creating Dashboards and Widgets? Check out our articles on Dashboards, templates, Widgets, and all supported metrics.

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