LinkedIn in Engage | June & July 2019

Edit images with the Photo Editor

Navigating the different image formats supported by different networks can be daunting – what is the dimension for a landscape image on Facebook vs LinkedIn? Say hello to an even smarter Photo Editor that now includes pre-set dimensions specific to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn image posts.


There are times when more is better, which is why we now support 1,300 characters per LinkedIn post and allow you to post up to 30 Instagram Stories at once to publish or schedule using our Hub App.

Do you want an easy way to drive engagement on your posts? Then start sharing your post's location on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more visibility for your brand. We have added a new field called Add Location in the Editor.



Whether you are building a brand or growing a community, LinkedIn is quickly becoming a game changer for both B2B and B2C companies. To ease and scale your community management efforts on LinkedIn, we now support the network in our Engage product. If you haven't done so already, simply connect your LinkedIn channels in Settings, go to Engage, add a new feed and voila, pick LinkedIn in addition to all the other networks we support in Engage.



All labels already assigned to your Campaign and Ad Set(s) are now also automatically applied to their respective Ads. You can also now apply label filters in the ad view.

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