What's New | February & March 2019


We've implemented a few UI changes to how you view content within Publish. First, we've re-arranged the way you see content in the weekly calendar view to be in chronological order. Use the option to view from oldest to newest or vice versa. When you are viewing content in the daily or list view, it will still show it in a feed-like order.

Second, all posts containing multiple assets - Facebook Albums, Facebook carousels, Twitter multi-image posts and Instagram carousels - are now displayed in a uniform arrangement. You will see the new arrangement in the calendar (daily and weekly views), content by status (card and list views), and Content Pool (card and list views).


Introducing a new role for your advertising team - Promoter. Users with the Promoter role have the ability to create promotions and manage Ads. On top of that, they can also boost posts in Publish by using existing Ad Sets. They cannot create or edit Ad Sets and Campaigns in the Advertise section, however. You are able to assign these roles to your ad account from Settings.


We replaced trending keywords with phrases in Listen. Now, instead of seeing a cloud of single words, you will start seeing combinations of words that have been identified as trending, e.g. instead of just seeing “social” and “media” separately, you’ll now see “social media” in the cloud. Please note, that the phrase extraction is supported for the English language and with lower accuracy in Danish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. For all remaining languages, we will continue showing single keywords in the trending cloud and list.

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