GIFs and Multi-Image Posts | April & May 2019


We've added two new Facebook post formats: GIFs and multi-image posts. You can now tell a more compelling visual story by uploading .gif files in the Editor or by uploading multiple images to your post.

If you want to organically target followers in their native language, you can now do that by selecting your preferred language from the Feed-targeting option in the Editor.

Introducing the quick reschedule feature, which allows you to change a post's scheduled date directly from the post view by clicking on the button when hovering over the post. This is available from the calendar weekly view and from the scheduled section of the Content list. In addition, you can now also sort posts from newest to oldest or vice versa in the calendar and content views.

And lastly, Instagram stories published through Falcon now appear in the Content Pool, so can you reuse that golden content again and again.


Now advertisers can automate pixel tracking on Ad Set level when editing the Ad Set. This is a mandatory setting for Ad Sets with the Conversion objective and optional for all other objectives. By allowing advertisers to define pixel tracking on Ad Set level for all objective types, we help you capture more information about your customer’s journeys.

If you are authorized for political ads in Facebook, then you can use Falcon to automatically mark promoted posts as political ads when relevant. This can be done in the Auto Promote section when editing an Ad Set.

We released a frequency cap on impressions for those Ad Sets with a Reach objective. The frequency cap impacts how many people you will be able to reach and how often those people will see your ads. A low frequency setting might help you reach more people for your budget, whereas a high frequency setting improves the chance of each reached user remembering and taking action on your ad.

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