Tag locations in Twitter posts

When creating a Twitter post in Publish, you can tag a location. Below, you can find instructions on how to go about this.

Tag a location on Twitter

Because of Twitter's Security Policy, they ask their users to specifically enable location tagging on Twitter natively. After enabling this, you can tag locations in your Twitter posts from inside Falcon.

Enable Twitter location tagging

  1. Log into your Twitter account natively.
  2. Click 'More' at the bottom of the left-side menu bar.
  3. Navigate to Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Location information.

  4. Make sure that the option 'Add location information to my Tweets' is enabled.


If this option is not enabled, Falcon won’t be able to tag the location you picked for your post.

Tag a location in a Twitter post

You can tag one location per post in all types of Twitter content. Here's how you add it:

  1. While creating a Twitter post in the Publish Editor, click the 'Add Location' button underneath the post text editor.
  2. In the textbox that appears, start typing the name of your location.

  3. Select a location from the dropdown list that appears.

The location is added to your post and can be seen in the post preview.


When tagging the same location for multiple posts, the Twitter algorithms automatically return the most relevant results based on the channel's location and other characteristics. Therefore, the returned locations in the dropdown list could differ slightly for each channel you create the post for.

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