Important resources and initiatives

At, we’re passionate about sharing knowledge and enabling you to get the absolute most from our platform. As a start, here is a collection of simple resources and tools that will answer many of your questions and keep you updated about our platform.

Using the platform

You can find the login page here: It’s a good idea to bookmark.

If you have questions about the platform, the Help Center is your best friend. Can’t find your answer here? In that case, our Support team will help you.

In the platform, our Guides can help you perform some of the more common actions for the first time. You can always find them in the bottom right under the Chat icon.

The Falcon Status Page will inform you of any current hiccups in the platform. Once subscribed, you will get automatic email notifications.

Curious about new Falcon features? Product Updates has all the latest news.

Found an image or a link worth sharing? The Google Chrome extension can help capture assets from across the web. Just click the extension top right, or in the bottom-right corner of an image, and import it into the Falcon Content Pool straight away.

Finally, our suite of mobile apps can accompany you anywhere. There is the Quick Publish App, Hub App, and Engage App.

Learning opportunities

Our Falcon Live classes are all about teaching you how to become an expert in using Falcon. Each session focusses on a different part of the platform, and we offer plenty of opportunities to get live answers to all your platform related questions.

The Falcon Webinars are a stage for broader marketing knowledge sharing. We frequently invite experts in their field to share insights and expertise.

The Insights Hub is full of great content that can help you create effective marketing strategies.

Our Handbooks are comprehensive resources to keep coming back to in your daily social media management and marketing efforts.

Our Case Studies showcase how our clients use Falcon to great effect. You can find all of them here.

Social events

Each year, we go all in at our Spark conference. It’s the social media and digital marketing event of the year that serves up inspirational keynotes, panel discussions, and great conversations with fellow industry insiders. Be sure to get your ticket here.

Apart from Spark, we like organizing cozy local meetups as well. You can find all past and upcoming events here. To stay in touch or propose a local meetup in your area, feel free to email us at

Finally, we also attend many global trade shows with our Falcon booth. We'd love to meet you there as well. 

Follow our social media channels to stay updated on when, where, and what is happening:

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