Introducing Advertise | December 2018 & January 2019


Since Instagram launched its new API to publish video posts, we jumped onboard and integrated it with Falcon. Now, single image and single video Instagram posts no longer require the Hub App workaround.

Is your company reaping the benefits of branded content on Facebook? This unique feature, based on the collaboration between your brand and a partner leads to the creation of an engaging dialogue with potential customers and eventually drives meaningful interactions which is much more effective than outright advertising. Now you can create branded content posts by adding a business partner from a drop-down menu in the Editor.

We've expanded the targeting options for LinkedIn so that you can feed-target your post based on any combinations of the following attributes:

  • Geographic location
  • Language
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Job position
  • Seniority


Take your label strategy to the next level with the introduction of message-level labeling in Engage. Apply labels to DMs, comments and comment replies and easily find these threads by filtering for the applied labels. What more? The Engage label report includes the message-level labels as well. Read all about labeling conversations in Engage right here.

A small but a fun new feature in Engage is that you can now see thumbs up and stickers in direct messages.


The newest product to join the Falcon family is Advertise. From creating and managing Ad Campaigns, to team collaboration and activating advanced ad settings on organic posts, Advertise allows you to smoothly integrate your paid strategy with your overall social media strategy.

One of the most unique features to Falcon that will enable your content creators to promote posts is Smart Labels. Once your Advertiser or Analyst sets up Smart Labels for an ad set, defining the promotion parameters, anyone with access to Publish and publishing rights for the corresponding channels is able to promote a post under the set ad set.


We've added even more actions that can be tracked via the Audit Log. All actions surrounding stock items in the Content Pool are now available for Admins' overview:

  • When a stock item is created.
  • When a stock item is updated.
  • When a stock item is copied.
  • When a stock item is archived.


Single image Instagram posts can now be scheduled and published directly to Instagram on the Quick Publish app for Android. Elements such as hashtags, mentions, and emojis in the caption will appear once the post is live on Instagram. Please note, that the mentions/handles will not appear from a drop-down menu of choices, as it does natively on Instagram. For scheduling and posting Stories, Carousels and video posts, users will still need to use the Falcon Hub mobile app.

Quick Publish now also has a feature to crop and rotate images for all networks. Images for Instagram will be pre-cropped to a square to fit the Instagram image requirements. Download the app today.


It’s invigorating to build new features within Falcon that help our customers save time, simplify workflows, increase collaboration, and become the social media rockstars they were meant to be. However, there are also less exciting times when we have to sunset a feature or an entire product. Here is a list of those features we are bidding goodbye to:

Build was created to give our customers a tool that was not widely available at the time. However, in the years since, a number of vendors serving the same use case have entered the market; and many of our customers have integrated these into their martech stacks. For that reason, we decided to discontinue Build. It simply doesn’t add the value it was originally intended to.

In December 2018, Google announced that they will start a progressive shutdown of the consumer version of Google+. The reasoning provided by Google is that Google+ and its APIs presented significant challenges in maintaining a successful product that meets consumers’ expectations, and the platform resulted in low usage. In light of Google's announcement, we closed down our support for Google+.

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