Facebook's API Changes | April 2018

Yesterday, Facebook announced several API changes. You can read about them in detail in Facebook’s News Room here.

Essentially, Facebook is changing how partners can access data to keep users’ information safe and secure.

These changes affect Events, Groups, Pages, and Instagram APIs.

How does this affect the Falcon platform?

All our core services remain intact.

Falcon users can still perform listening, publishing, moderation, advertisement, measurement and audience management on both Facebook and Instagram.

We are currently in direct conversations with Facebook, and we are evaluating every change they announce. We do not expect any significant changes to the services and features we currently offer in our product.

You can be assured we will keep you updated if and when actions are required in the log below:

Thursday, April 5 2018:

New Falcon users are currently unable to manage Page Messages

  • Facebook has currently paused granting new Page Messages permissions to all apps on their platform, while they review their policies and make technical adjustments.
  • This means that when new users connect to Falcon for the first time, they are unable to grant us permission to index and moderate their Page Messages inboxes.
  • This is a temporary roadblock and we expect Facebook to resolve it fast. You can follow Facebook’s progress here.
  • This issue does not impact users who connected to the Falcon App prior to April 5. They still have full Page Messages capability and will continue to do so.
  • However, please be aware that if a user disconnects the Falcon App from their profile, it will lose Page Messages capabilities and will not regain them until Facebook has unpaused the API, even if reinstalled by the profile.
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