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Did you know that 80% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound? Videos on Facebook auto-play without sound and marketers across the board have seen that very few opt to turn the volume on. To keep up with the market, you can now add one or more .srt caption files to your videos.

Save time uploading assets to the Content Pool and to Campaign Briefs - we now support up to 50 photo or video uploads at once. Upload a combination of both photo and video files in one go and create different copy and labels for each item. What's better? We also support bulk labeling for all uploaded files.


If you are looking into or are already leveraging influencers in order to build a more genuine connection between your brand and your audience, then you will love to know that we now show the top 100 influencers in Listen.


When viewing Facebook post details from Content performance modules in a Facebook Channel report, we’re now serving several new metrics, which are: Organic reach; Viral reach; Total impressions (Paid impressions; Organic impressions; Viral impressions); Frequency; and Negative feedback (%). The Frequency metric is basically a calculation of impressions divided by reach and tells on average how many times each exposed user saw that post.


Introducing a simpler way of connecting and reconnecting Facebook channels to Falcon. We no longer require you to grant the Business Manager access to the Facebook page you are trying to (re)connect. This also means that the only connection states are Connected, Disconnected and Unpublished. The old channel states - Incomplete and Pending - have been removed.


It’s invigorating to build new features within Falcon that help our customers save time, simplify workflows, increase collaboration, and become the social media rockstars they were meant to be. However, there are also less exciting times when we have to sunset a feature or an entire product. Here is a list of those features we are bidding goodbye to:

In order to be compliant with Facebook's updated Platform Policies, the following parameters were deprecated for organic Facebook posts:

  • News feed targeting users by Gender.
  • News feed targeting users by Language.
  • News feed targeting users by specifying the maximum age.
  • In Falcon Settings, geo-fencing specific users by Languages.
  • In addition, the news feed targeting users by specifying the minimum age will be limited to: 13, 17, 18 or 21.
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