Video metrics in a new light | October & November 2018


We added a new selector - "Match All" or "Match Any" - to the Content Pool, Calendar, Content lists, and Campaign brief, which allows users to search for labels in either a narrow or a wider mode.

Is your organization planning on running politically inclined ads on Facebook? If so, we now have an option to mark an ad as political in the Publish Editor.


Listen Alerts received a makeover that allows for more customization of when you should receive notifications. We've updated the alert sensitivity options with medium increase (at least 50%), high increase (at least 100%) and at least one new mention. For medium and high increase alerts, you will be able to specify a custom mention count threshold for when we should start sending alerts in order to avoid too many alerts for projects with a generally low mention count. Read more about setting up alerts here.


Small but mighty improvements were made to the Publish labels report:

  • We now support the "All" or “Any” logic when filtering for labels.
  • The total number of posts created across networks at a given time.

  • Breakdown of the number of posts created per network.

  • Plus, the following Instagram post metrics are now included:
    • Video Views - the number of times the video has been seen in non-paid context. Applicable to Instagram video posts only.
    • Impressions - the number of times the post has been seen in non-paid context.
    • Reach - total number of fans that have seen the post.
    • Organic Reach - total number of fans that have seen the post in non-paid context.

Not so small and definitely mighty improvements were also made to the Video Post Performance module in Channel Reports. The new look shows view-through and average completion rates on a pie chart with more metrics below each. Plus, you can now toggle between 3-second and 10-second video views.


All actions pertaining to Campaigns in Publish are now logged and shown the Audit Log within Settings. In particular, we are tracking:

  • When a campaign is created, edited or deleted.
  • When stock items are added or removed.
  • When labels are added or removed.
  • When teams are added or removed.
  • When reminders are added or removed.


It’s invigorating to build new features within Falcon that help our customers save time, simplify workflows, increase collaboration, and become the social media rockstars they were meant to be. However, there are also less exciting times when we have to sunset a feature or an entire product. Here is a list of those features we are bidding goodbye to:

In compliance with YouTube’s Terms of Service, has discontinued YouTube in our Audience module on October 10, 2018. YouTube profiles are no longer part of "Saved Audiences" and "People Insights" in Audience and YouTube videos and comments in Engage no longer include detailed user information in the Audience sidebar.

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