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We are excited to welcome the Instagram publishing flow to the family! Instagram is the rising star of social media and it is the perfect platform for storytelling through captivating images, videos and Stories. You can now plan, create, schedule and collaborate on Instagram posts directly from Falcon. The key in making the publishing flow efficient and seamless is our newly released Hub mobile app. Currently available in iOS and coming soon to Android, the app gives Falcon users a full overview of all scheduled and published Instagram content. You’re just one click away to learn more about our Instagram publishing flow and the Hub app.

Publish knows your customers and we know they love communicating via smileys, hearts and the dancing lady in red. So we decided it’s time you connect with them in this fun, unique language we call emojis. Introducing the Emoji picker in Publish and Engage! You see the smiley icon in the text field? Click on that and the world of emojis is at your fingertips. Preview how to type-search, browse categories and get quick access to your most recent emojis in this video.


Ads is constantly exploring new ways to increase the effectiveness of your social advertising! We now support all the available Optimization Goals in Bidding by sourcing user web-browsing behavior information. Ads can now be optimized and delivered to users with specific behavior to retain more value from your Ads campaigns.


Audience is your key to building a holistic view of your customers. Within the Falcon Platform, you can leverage non-social customer data with advertising on social and create the ultimate customer experience by segmenting, targeting and analyzing available profile data. We now support integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Hubspot, which enable you to synchronize your customer data with our Audience module. You can also upload your CSV data to our platform to merge data that’s housed elsewhere with Falcon’s Audience. 

Audience loves to store profile data, as do you. In order to enhance 1:1 messaging and synergy between social advertising and integrations, we’ve released additional profile fields. This ensures that all important people data from external sources and CRMs is collected in one place. See the additional profile fields below.

Audience has also released the functionality to create a clickable link back to profile pages in external systems. This allows you to create an easy link to other systems, which enables enhanced and personalized 1:1 engagement from the profile card in Engage.


Managing Response templates has never been easier. Engage updated the Response templates feature allowing Administrators and Team Leads to now create standardized replies and manage all existing templates from Engage. Learn how to create, edit or delete templates and optimize the responses to your audience here.


In Social Listening, Sentiment is like a metric that adds context to your social media metrics. Sentiment provides you with the full story around social media buzz and should be high on your team’s radar. To empower you, Listen now allows you to change sentiment on mentions, both individually and in bulk. This functionality is available both in the mention sidebar and the mention view. This is how you can change sentiment:


Measure has created a new way to explore Facebook posts in Channel reports. Content and Video performance metrics are now available in a special overlay and you can track Video Views on a Post and Page level. The Content Performance block gives a full overview of all of your Facebook posts for the selected time period and the key metrics attributed to their performance. Hover over the metric to see a description of what it measures. When you hover over the Type you can see if it was a Picture, Video, Link or a Carousel post. Paid and Organic Reach is also displayed on hover.

Measure has also improved the insights in the Page Fans Online block. You can now not only see what hours your fans are online but what days/weeks/months work better in comparison. The average number of fans is the single source of truth on what hour you can expect the most exposure for you posts.

Are we missing any metrics in the Quick report that are essential for your company? Don’t worry number crunchers, we’ve got your back! If 84 Facebook metrics in Reports are not enough, another 570 Facebook metrics are accessible via API or CSV export

Remember that you can always check our latest feature releases in the “What’s new” section of the platform without ever leaving Falcon.

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