Instagram's all the buzz | June


Last month we welcomed Instagram publishing flow to the Publish family, and this month we have another exciting addition - Instagram Stories! You can show off your brand's unique personality and day to day moments, and give irresistible offers to your followers with Instagram Stories. The publishing flow for Instagram Stories works similarly to publishing all other content to Instagram. The key in making the overall publishing flow efficient and seamless is our Hub mobile app. Currently available in iOS and coming soon to Android, the app gives Falcon users a full overview of all scheduled and published Instagram content.


Falcon's public API is now open to manage Publish posts scheduling to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn from another system within your marketing tech stack! This API aims to provide workflow as a service so that your social media posts can be written once and used by all users across your organization. You define the publishing workflow that suits your marketing needs and we make sure that all your posts are live on your social networks when you want them to be. Here is a list of things you can do with the Publishing API:

  • Create a post draft 
  • Assign a date to a draft 
  • Schedule a draft for publishing 
  • Un-schedule a draft 
  • Send a draft for approval 
  • Delete a draft 
  • Copy a draft 
  • Ask for the status of a draft 

Remember that you can always check our latest feature releases in the “What’s new” section of the platform without ever leaving Falcon.

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