Instagram publishing for Android | October


The Hub mobile app is now available for Android. In addition to reviewing planned posts, receiving notifications when followers comment and collaborating with the team on future content, Android users can take full advantage of the Instagram Publishing flow, which we released in the summer.

Read more about the full feature capabilities of the Hub app, and download the app from Google Play or iTunes today!


We released a set of new API endpoints to our developer portal, allowing third-party applications to create and manage Falcon Publish Campaigns. Instead of just pushing stock items silently to the Content Pool, digital asset management tools now have the ability to create Falcon campaigns and attach relevant stock items to them, which will generate e-mail notifications to all assigned team members.

One of our integration partners, QBank, has already added this new capability to their product. Read more about the QBank integration here.

Introducing a new Processing state for all networks. This means that once you hit 'Publish' on a post, it first enters into a Processing state, and only moves into the Published state once it has appeared the native channel(s).  The states are updated in real-time, therefore is no need to refresh Falcon to see the updated status of your post.


The team set up and user creation are one of the most crucial first steps in creating an efficient structure for your social media efforts with Falcon. Which is why we revamped the look and feel of the Teams overview page:

  • Easily add new team members (one or multiple) with a click of a button;
  • Create a new user directly from the Teams page;
  • Easily remove users from a team without switching flows;
  • Easily change user settings by clicking the user's name

Read more about what team management capabilities are available to you on Falcon.

Remember that you can always check our latest feature releases in the “What’s new” section of the platform without ever leaving Falcon.

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