Scheduling Posts

Scheduling content is a great way to plan your marketing strategies in advance. It’s an excellent way to lighten the workload. It also allows you to share your content roadmap with your coworkers and allow other market to synchronize with yours.

When scheduling content in Falcon, you can choose a date and time for it to be published. Falcon takes care of the rest by automatically pushing your content live at the scheduled time.

Scheduling a Post in Falcon

Scheduling content is available for all networks supported in Publish. The process is the same, whether you create any type of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn post:

  1. While creating a post in the Publish Editor, scroll down the left-hand section of the Editor to the Schedule section. Click to unfold it.
  2. Select a date and a time to schedule your post. Your local time zone is used by default, but you can choose another from the dropdown list.
  3. Review the scheduling time at the bottom of the Schedule section.

Alternatively, you can also schedule a post by clicking on a future date in the Publish Calendar and clicking Add Post. That creates a new post scheduled to that date.


A scheduled post will only appear on the chosen network once published. Scheduling on a native network and scheduling in Falcon are separate, except for the below described Facebook native scheduling feature.

With Facebook, Falcon also features a graph displaying the times when your fans were most active over the past seven days. This will help you determine when your content will make the biggest splash.


Due to Instagram API restrictions, publishing content through the Hub app will always require a manual completion once your post is meant to go live. Find out more about the Instagram publishing flow here.

Pushing Content to the Facebook Queue

You can schedule your content in Falcon and have it show in the native Facebook scheduler as well. This is useful if you're working with a publishing flow that includes ad creation in the Facebook Business Manager.

All you need to do to schedule a post natively is to check the Add to Facebook queue box under the scheduling options in the post editor.

Once scheduled, the post will appear under Scheduled Posts in your Facebook Page Publishing Tools section. In Falcon, the post will appear in the Scheduled section of Publish with a Scheduled Externally status.


If a post is scheduled natively on Facebook, it can’t be edited in Falcon anymore. Changes to the post must be made in Facebook and won't be reflected in Falcon until the post is published. A natively scheduled post can still be deleted from the Facebook queue in Falcon.

Unscheduling a Post (Returning to a Draft State)

If you'd like to unschedule a post and send it back to Drafts in Publish, please follow the steps below:

    1. In Publish, locate your scheduled post and open it.
    2. Look for the Schedule module on the left-hand side of the screen.
    3. Click the X icon to the right of the displayed date and time.
    4. Click Back or navigate to any other area of the platform.

Your post will now be found in Drafts without a date and time. By default, other drafts containing dates and times will appear first in the list of drafts. Look below these to find your new, unscheduled draft.

Please bear in mind that posts scheduled to the Facebook queue (as described above) can't be edited or unscheduled in Falcon.

Rescheduling or Unscheduling in Bulk

Need to unschedule multiple posts or shift their schedule time? Save some time opening each post individually by visiting Publish > Scheduled and adjusting the scheduled status for multiple posts in bulk. This allows you to move the scheduled time for your selected posts (e.g. by a certain amount of hours or days) or send them back to Drafts.

Please visit the full guide to rescheduling and unscheduling in bulk here.

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