Publishing Instagram Stories and +60s Videos

It’s possible to create, schedule, and publish Instagram single-image and video posts (under one minute) via Falcon like normal. You can also create and schedule Instagram Stories and videos longer than 60 seconds. However, due to Instagram’s API capabilities, it’s not possible for Falcon to complete the act of publishing them automatically.

As a workaround, we’ve developed the mobile Hub App which allows us to get the content to you on your device at the scheduled time and seamlessly guide you through uploading the content to the Instagram app.

Why Can’t Falcon Publish These Types of Posts Automatically?

Publishing Instagram Stories and videos longer than 60 seconds is not supported by Instagram’s API. This means that Falcon (along with all other third-party apps) are unable to publish these type of post to your Instagram Channel on your behalf.

While it’s not possible for Falcon to complete the act of publishing these types of posts for you, you can still create the posts via Falcon, submit for approval (if applicable), schedule them in advance, and finally publish them using our workaround mobile app, the Hub App.

What is the Hub App?

The Hub App is a multi-purpose mobile app made by Falcon. The app allows you to view the scheduled and published content on your calendar, interact with your team via notes, approve and reschedule content, and more.

Perhaps most importantly, the Hub App also acts as the link between Falcon and Instagram for those posts which Falcon is unable to Publish. You can find a full list of the Hub App’s features here.

Where can I get the Hub App?

The Hub mobile app is available to download from the App Store and from Google Play.

How does it work?

Once your scheduled post is ready to go live, we will send the content to you, or whoever you have chosen to publish the content, via a push notification on the Hub App. This push notification will allow us to save the content directly to your phone, copy the caption or URL (for Stories, if applicable) to your clipboard, and redirect you straight to the Instagram app for uploading.

Please see below for the full Instagram publishing guide using the Hub App.

Scheduling and Publishing Stories and +60s Videos

To get started, please follow the steps below. Please bear in mind that all files must be less than 100MB:


You, or the intended Publisher, will need to have access to both the Instagram App and the Instagram Channel your content will be posted on.

  1. In Falcon, create a new Story or video.
  2. On the left, scroll to the Publisher module.
  3. (Only applicable for +60s videos) Click Alternatively, you can use the Hub App. Important: Falcon will not determine the length of your video in advance. If you attempt to publish a +60s video without choosing this option, the post will fail to be published.
  4. Select the Falcon user who should receive the content on their device. You can select yourself. See the FAQs below if any user is not listed as a Publisher.blobid0.png
  5. If applicable, scroll to Scheduled to select a publishing date/time.
  6. If applicable, scroll to Approval to select one or more Falcon users to approve the content.
  7. Click Send to Hub App, Schedule to Hub App (If scheduled), or Send for Approval (if submitting for approval).
  8. At the post's scheduled time, you (the selected Publisher) will receive a push notification on your device. Tap the notification.mceclip0.png
  9. The Hub App will open, leading to a preview of the post. Click Publish.mceclip1.png
  10. All media files will be saved to your phone. The post’s caption will be copied to your phone’s clipboard.mceclip2.png
  11. You will be directed to the Instagram App. Click either Story or Feed.mceclip3.png
  12. Select the media from your phone. The media will appear as the most recent item(s) saved to your camera roll.
  13. Apply further image editing or filters if necessary.
  14. If applicable, in the Write a caption... field, paste the copied caption (tap and hold > Paste).
  15. Click Share (for Feed Posts) or Send To (for Stories).

Now that the Story/post has been published on Instagram, you can locate and verify that the post was published in Falcon as described below.

Confirming a Story/post was published

The below steps are only necessary for Stories. More information on locating published long video posts can be found in the FAQs below.

  1. In Falcon, locate the post (in Publish under Processing), open it, and click Yes, It’s Posted.blobid1.png
  2. When presented with previews of your recent posts, select the correct post followed by Merge & Finish.

Video Guide

For a quick tutorial on the Instagram Story publishing flow, please see the helpful video guide from Max below:


Why doesn’t my name (or another user’s name) appear in the list of Publishers?

Only Falcon users with a user role of Editor and above will can appear as a Publisher. Provided a user has the correct user role, there are three quick steps they will need to take in order to appear as a Publisher:

  1. Download the Hub App.
  2. Log into the Hub App using their existing Falcon login credentials.
  3. Enable in-app notifications (via Settings in the Hub App).

Following these steps, the user’s name should appear. If still no luck, please consider contacting Support.

Why do I need to manually merge my Instagram post in Falcon after publishing?
Due to Instagram’s API limitations, it’s not possible for Falcon to detect that your new Instagram post is the same post which was created and scheduled via Falcon. Merging it allows us to link your new Instagram post with the notes, labels, author, and approver data from when the post was being created and scheduled. This will help you to more accurately report on the performance.
Why did I get the error, "We could not save the media to your phone at this time."?
The are two likely reasons for this error. Either your device may not have the necessary storage to hold the media files or the media is in a format which is not supported by your device. If you have enough storage space and the media is in line with Instagram’s Media Requirements, please contact Support for help troubleshooting the issue.
Can I use the Hub App for single-image and video posts?
It’s not necessary to use the Hub App for single-image and video posts, though it’s an option. When you are creating an image or video post, you can scroll to the Publisher module on the left and click Alternatively, you can use the Hub App.
I've published my +60s video post. Why can't I find it in Publish?
Videos longer than 60s will not appear on the Publish calendar, whether published natively on Instagram alone or via the Falcon Hub App. For this reason, you can publish long videos as described above, but it will not be possible to view the post on the calendar afterwards.
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