Boost employee advocacy with Publish notifications

With Falcon, you can take employee advocacy to the next level and amplify your social content by keeping both your internal and external stakeholders up to date with your social media activities.

When creating a post, you have an option to enable a notification once the post is published. Notifying allows you to actively involve brand ambassadors in your company’s social updates and create amplification, as well as keeping your team in the know of which posts have gone live already.

How to set up email notifications

  1. In Publish, create a new post
  2. Draft your content, as usual
  3. Select Notifications
  4. Enter recipients, be it other Falcon users and/or external email addresses
  5. Add a personal message which will be sent together with the notification

Once the post is successfully published, Falcon will send out an email notification to the specified users/email addresses with information about the published post and a direct link to the post on the network itself, so the receiver can go directly to the network and interact with the post right away.

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