Mentioning Users and Pages in Posts

One way you can increase engagement with your content is by tagging users and Pages. Whether it's mentioning an influencer who is endorsing your product, providing fans with a link to a local page you'd like to promote, or giving a shout out to an affiliated channel, mentioning pages lets you spread your message in an engaging way.

Making your presence social is the key difference that will lead to more people seeing your content, becoming a part of your community, and hopefully becoming your customers.

Mentioning a Profile or Page

You can @ mention other Facebook or LinkedIn Pages in your content, or mention other Twitter profiles in your Tweets. Currently, it is not yet possible to tag user profiles in Facebook or LinkedIn posts.

Mentioning Pages and profiles can be done through the steps below here:

  1. While creating a post in the Publish Editor, type the @ symbol followed by the name of the Page or profile you want to mention (i.e. @TheWestWing).
  2. A dropdown list will appear. Choose the correct @ mention from the list.

    Mention dropdown list
  3. The mention will appear blue in your post text area, and as a blue text link in the post preview area.

    The mention in the post text


Apart from mentioning a Page, you can also create Branded Content to feature a business partner in your post.

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