Facebook Ads Insights

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform, logging in two billion users every month on Facebook and 500 million users every month on Instagram. In order to help advertisers better understand how well their ad campaigns have performed continue reading here.

From the Publish module, under the Content menu, click on Published. Here you will have an overview of all published posts. From the Filter menu selected Promotion to view all promoted Facebook posts.

Click on the promoted post for which you would like to see insights. You can base strategic decisions about targeting and budgeting on these metrics: Amount Spent, People Reached, Results (based on Campaign objective), and Results & Cost Per Result over time.

While Ad Set insights empower you to make strategic decisions about the right target, Ad Insights let them validate which content format works best for your audience. In order to meet advertisers’ needs and cover the entire cycle from planning, to promotion, to evaluation, we have enabled insights at Ad level. In the detailed view of each Ad, there is a tab called “Insights” that shows: Results (based on Campaign objective), People Reached, Amount Spent and Results & Cost Per Result over time.

Ads insights will optimize advertisers’ workflows and allow them to take effective decisions about recycling Ad Sets, allocating budgets within existing Ads and adopting a different targeting strategy.

Read more about how to export Falcon Audiences to Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences here in order to target them through your advertising campaigns.

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