Viewing Ad Insights in Publish

The Falcon Measure section will always help you with in-depth analytics on the performance of your content and Advertise can go many layers deep when it comes to your Ads. But sometimes, you might just want a quick overview of how your posts and ads are performing. Through the Post Insights in Publish, you can get a quick sense of some of the most important performance indicators.

In the Publish menu, navigate to the Published section. There you will have an overview of all published posts. You may filter by network to view published LinkedIn or Facebook posts only, or filter by Promotion to get only promoted posts. You can also identify any promoted posts by the megaphone icon next to it.


Falcon does not support creating or managing LinkedIn promoted posts directly from our platform. At this time, we also do not show dark shares and their promotions (also called Direct Sponsored Content).

Click on any post to open it in a Detail View. From there, you can get a quick overview of the reach of your post, broken down by type. For specific Ad performance insights, head over to the Ad Set on the left side under Promotions. Click the graph icon to view your ad status, performance, and configuration.

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