Creating Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising continues to be an essential part of any digital marketer’s toolkit, and we’ve made it easy to start seeing real business results from a platform used by over two billion users. You can now create Facebook Ad Campaigns and Ad Sets directly from Falcon.


This feature requires your Facebook Ad Account to be connected to Falcon and only users with the Advertiser role are able to promote content.

When an Ad Account is added to Falcon, users with the Advertiser role will be able to promote existing or new Facebook posts, adding them to your existing ad campaigns and ad sets.

How to promote a new Facebook post

  1. From Publish, select Create Post and choose your channel(s).
  2. In the editor, create your post in the usual way adding text, imagery, videos or links.
  3. Navigate down and select Promote.
  4. Under the Promote drop-down, select the ad account to promote from, the campaign to assign the ad to, and the ad set. You can select multiple ad campaigns and ad sets. Each ad set’s status will be displayed. If promoting on Instagram, select the Instagram channel as well. If your campaign or ad set isn’t in the list, just use the text box to search. 1. Promotion component
  5. Click Add to open the ad set options: here you can select the channel to promote to, the ad’s duration, the conversion tracking to use, and customize the ad name. You can also see currently selected ad accounts, ad campaigns and ad sets. 2. Promotion popup
  6. To modify your ads individually, edit them one by one.
  7. After reviewing the ad campaign details, click Save.
  8. Once you are ready to publish your post, select Publish. 5. Promotion submitted success

Your ad will now be submitted to Facebook for review. An ad can be rejected if it conflicts with Facebook’s ad guidelines. Should an ad not be approved, you will be notified via an email.


When you schedule a promoted post, the post is displayed in Falcon in a "Draft" state. The post will not be pushed to Facebook until the scheduled day and time. Similarly, when an ad reaches the expiry timestamp defined in Falcon, its status is changed to “Archived” in Falcon to ensure that it stops delivering and doesn’t block future ads from being booked in the same ad set. Facebook has a maximum number of non-archived ads that they permit per ad set.


When an ad is running, you can pause it within Falcon. Just open the post from the calendar view and select Pause. To resume a paused ad, select Resume.

Dark posts

We have also made it possible for you to create dark posts, meaning your ad will not be seen on the timeline of your page and will not receive any organic distribution.

Simply use the Dark Post checkbox when using the Promote feature to turn that post into a Dark Post.

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