Advertising to Facebook and Instagram in Publish

Besides ad creation in the specialized Advertise module, Falcon also allows you to create ads in Publish. This functionality is especially suited for creating content and boosting it on the fly. The seamless interaction between Advertise and Publish helps you to quickly move from creating your advertising assets to pushing your promoted content live.

This article covers all Publish ad creation features.


This feature requires your Facebook Ad Account to be connected to Falcon, by the same user who connected the Channels you want to promote content for. You can find more detailed information here. Furthermore, only users with an Advertiser role in Falcon can create advertising assets and promote content.

Creating Campaigns and Ad Sets in Publish

You can run an entire ad campaign from Publish. All you need is a Falcon connected Ad Account.

The required advertising assets, which are a Campaign and an Ad Set, can be created in a single flow:

  1. While creating a post in the Publish Editor, scroll down in the left-hand section of the Editor, to the Promote section. Click to unfold it.
  2. Click Create new Ad Set.
  3. In the popup, choose an Ad Account that is connected to Falcon (learn more about connecting ad accounts here). Click Next.
  4. Choose an objective for your new ad Campaign or click existing campaigns to select a Campaign that you already created in Advertise or on Facebook natively. Click Next.
  5. Determine the targeting of your Ad Set. Either select a targeting group that you've previously created for other advertisements or create a new group by clicking create a new targeting group. If you create a new group, you can select from a wide variety of criteria, such as location, interests, and languages, or draw from an existing Custom Audience. Click Next.
  6. Choose the placement of your Ad. Automatic placement has Facebook decide on the best placement. Manual placement lets you pick the exact places where your ads should appear in the Facebook ecosystem. Click Next.


    To create an ad for Instagram, you can create a Facebook post and attach an Ad Set with a placement on Instagram.

  7. Under Budget you can set all budgeting options that were not yet defined at the Campaign level. Click Next when done.
  8. In the final screen, give the Ad Set a name and review the options. When you're satisfied, click Create or Create & Promote to immediately apply your Ad Set to the post you're creating.

In the future, your newly created Ad Set will be available for promoting other content too. The below section provides instructions on how to apply already existing assets to your content.

Creating Facebook and Instagram Ads in Publish

If you have an existing Ad Set, you can add it to a post in two ways.

The most convenient way is to use Smart Labels. These are a unique Falcon feature that let you attach one or more Ad Sets simply by adding a predefined label to a post. It's the fastest and most flexible way to create a series of ads out of one or more posts. Please bear in mind that Smart Labels require access to the Advertise module, as they first require a configuration there. 

The second way to create an ad is by manually attaching an Ad Set to a post in the Publish Editor. This feature is available to all Falcon packages and is best suited for creating smaller batches of promoted content.


You can link one Smart Label to multiple Ad Sets, which can have different active duration timelines. When you use the Smart Label while scheduling a post for a certain date, Falcon will only activate the Ad Set(s) that are live during that date.


Consider using Facebook Dark Posts as the basis for your ads if you'd like to reach a specific target audience, and not have your post appear on your Page's timeline or the newsfeeds of your Page's fans.

Assigning an Ad Set through Smart Labels

  1. While creating a post in the Publish Editor, scroll down in the left-hand section of the Editor, to the Labels section. Click to unfold it.
  2. Start typing the Smart Label name in the Labels section text box and click the correct one from the dropdown menu. You can identify all Smart Labels by their icon.
  3. Confirm the promotion in the approval popup.

Your predefined Ad Sets are now added to the post, ready to be pushed live. 

Assigning an Ad Set to a Campaign using Smart Labels

Another unique use of using Smart Labels is that you can attach them to a Campaign you create in the Publish Calendar. This lets you predefine a series of Ad Sets to be attached to all of the content that your local teams will create from the Campaign stock assets.

  1. While creating a Campaign, find the Labels section in the Details tab.
  2. Start typing the name of your Smart Label in the Labels text box and click the correct one from the dropdown menu. You can identify all Smart Labels by their icon.
  3. Switch on the Apply labels to stock option in order to promote all content created from the stock items you've added to the Campaign.

Your Campaign is now supercharged with Smart Labels and your local teams can create promoted Campaign content with ease.

Assigning an Ad Set through the Promote section

If you have Campaigns and Ad Sets already available, you can attach them to a post in the following way:

  1. While creating a post in the Publish Editor, scroll down in the left-hand section of the Editor, to the Promote section. Click to unfold it.
  2. From the dropdown menu at the top, select the correct Ad Account under which you want to create the advertising assets.
  3. From the dropdown menu under your Ad Account, filter down your results per Campaign. By default, all assets under all Campaigns are displayed.
  4. Search or select one or more Ad Sets from the list and click Add.
  5. A popup screen will open in which you can customize the ad options. Provide a duration and name for your ad. Also specify if the Ad is political and set any other options to your liking, such as Facebook Pixel tracking.
  6. Click Save once you're satisfied with your Ad.

Your Ad is now ready to go live once your post is published.

Boosting an existing post

As well as creating Ads out of newly created content, you can also choose to make ads out of already published posts:

  1. Find the live post in the Calendar or the Published section of Publish and click it to open a detail view.
  2. Simply add Smart Labels or your Ad Set in the same manner as described in the steps listed earlier in this article.
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