The Quick Publish Mobile App

Publishing posts on the go has never been faster and easier than with Quick Publish. The app is perfectly tailored to live marketing and real-time event coverage with the addition of Lightning Mode.

Lightning Mode

Tap the Lightning bolt in the top right to keep the same channel, location and hashtags in all of your posts. The app will remember the key details so you can use your time to create engaging content quickly.

Schedule Content

When drafting a new post, use the clock icon to choose when the post should be published. You can pick a date, a time and a time zone.

Send for Approval

To send your post for approval, use the approval icon and select which Falcon user will approve the content.

Team Picker

If you are part of multiple teams, Quick Publish gives you the option to switch between teams. Just select the Settings icon and pick your team. All available channels to post to will vary depending on the team view you are in.

Download Quick Publish via the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

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